Community and Collaboration

PAER Presentation to Foundations, January 16, 2015

Cleveland has been recognized by Autism Speaks as one of the ten best communities in the country for families affected by autism, as measured through local community response.7 This degree of satisfaction is vital to PAER’s ability to conduct research and translate it to clinical practice. PAER clinical ASD programs include first-class facilities and clinicians in the region, from the Rainbow Autism Diagnosis Clinic8 and Diagnostic Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism.9 More than 600 patients are seen annually in these two clinics.

The Cleveland region also benefits from many excellent resources collaborating with PAER, including the Monarch School, The Lerner School, the Prentiss Center of the Positive Education Program, The Achievement Center, Beechbrook, The Julie Billiart School and the Milestones Autism Resources program. Through the infrastructure provided by PAER, all diagnostic facilities in the region can provide consistent clinical evaluation and treatment planning, to include (as appropriate): comprehensive assessment for every child by a geneticist, psychologist and pediatric specialist, referrals, testing according to a standardized diagnostic battery and standardized data collection so that information can be shared and accessed by researchers to develop biological, behavioral and other therapies.

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8Autism Diagnosis Clinic: University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's 
9Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism

The Case Brain Health Collaborative ‌

University Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland Ohio School of Medicine Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland Clinic Lerner Center for Autism

Children's Hospital Cleveland Clinic

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Ohio Family and Children First Initiative Help me grow

Monarch Center for Autism

Monarch Center for Autism A Division of Bellefaire JCB

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