ICARE requires an extensive infrastructure at the university, University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, associated clinics and educational facilities, several components of which have already been initiated with the generous support of the participating institutions. One newly developed resource is the Autism Registry and Bio-repository, which houses comprehensive diagnostic and behavioral data, DNA samples and other biological specimens.

This resource is under the direction of Nancy Roizen, MD, chief of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychology at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Shanna Kralovic, DO, and Drs. Charis Eng and Manos at Cleveland Clinic.

ICARE has partnered with The Hartwell Foundation's Autism Research and Technology Initiative (iHART), a global centralized data repository to benefit biomedical research on autism that will facilitate the development of ICARE's patient registry.

ICARE will lead the development and implementation of standardized, uniform assessment instruments for autism symptoms and behaviors that will be applied across all clinical venues in the center. The center will also capitalize on a high-performance computer center being developed across the School of Medicine, University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic by Jonathan Haines, PhD.