David M. Katz, PhD

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Our laboratory seeks to understand mechanisms of neural circuit dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and to develop new therapeutic approaches. We use behavioral, electrophysiological, biochemical, imaging and morphometric techniques in genetic mouse models of ASDs to define how perturbations in synaptic signaling alter normal behavior. A portion of our research program is dedicated to preclinical evaluation of novel therapeutics for Rett syndrome and other ASDs, with a particular focus on molecules that target TrkB and NMDA receptors. Under the auspices of the Autism Spectrum Research Consortium, directed by Dr. Katz, we also collaborate with clinical faculty here at Case Western Reserve University and elsewhere to foster human trials of potential new pharmacotherapies for ASDs.



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Selected Publications 

Katz, D.M., Bird, A., Coenraads, M., Gray, S., Menon, D., Philpot, B.D., Tarquinio, D. (2016)
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Kron, M., Adams, I., Lang, M., Longo, F. and D.M. Katz (2014)
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