Lynn T. Singer, PhD

Distinguished University Professor
Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences
School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
School of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine

Dr. Lynn T. Singer is a developmental psychologist whose research focus has been on high risk conditions of infancy and effects on child development as well as family processes. Most recently her focus has been on developmental neurotoxicology and effects of maternal drug use during pregnancy and child outcome, especially cocaine, alcohol, MDMA (ecstasy) and opioids. She has directed a number of large, NIH and privately funded research programs including: a 19-year study of high-risk, preterm infants with lung disease and their families; a longitudinal study of cocaine-exposed infants; and a birth cohort study of MDMA exposure. She has edited two books, Psychosocial Assessment of Adolescents and Biobehavioral Assessment of Infants, and authored more than 200 peer-reviewed articles in the medical and psychological literature. In 1997, the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine named her a “Million Dollar Professor.” She is an elected fellow of the AAAS, APS and APA.

Singer was also PI of the first NSF funded ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant to a private university to develop programs to reduce barriers to advancement for women faculty in STEM fields, followed by NSF funded grants with Professor Diana Bilimoria, to develop, first, a Northeast Ohio consortium to bring university leaders together to advance STEM faculty initiatives, IDEAL (Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership) and then, a national consortium, IDEAL-N).

Singer’s career also included administrative appointments, serving as Vice-provost for Planning and Assessment, Interim Provost twice, Interim vice-president for Medical Affairs, Interim Dean of Graduate Studies, and Deputy Provost and Vice-president for Academic Affairs.

Professional Memberships

Developmental Neurotoxicology Society
Association for Psychological Science
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Psychological Association, Divisions 7 and 37
Society for Pediatric Research


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Publishing Impact

  • H-index: 62 –

  • Total publications: 260  

  • Total citations:  12,600  

  • Publications in top-tier journals:  23%   

  • Collaborative publishing national/international:  75%/25% 

Neurotoxicology and Teratology, editorial board


Recent grant funding:

NIDA, 1/6 CWRU Planning for the HEALthy Early Development Study, Supplement “Substance Use, Psychological Stressors and Coping in Covid positive pregnant women.”

NIDA, 1/6-Case Western Reserve University Planning for the HEALthy Early Development Study

NIDA, Gender and Developmental Trajectories to Adolescent Substance Use and Sexual Risk Behavior,

NSF, Northern Ohio AGEP-T: Locally and Ethnically Inclusive Graduate Education Model in Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering,

NSF, Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership – National (IDEAL-N),

NIDA, The Effects of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure on Young Adult Development



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Additional Information

Contributions to science:

  • Addressed understanding influences on the outcomes of high-risk infants
  • Understanding developmental neurotoxicology
  • Led the only studies worldwide to investigate effects of 3.4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine during pregnancy
  • Participated in studies of infant development

Student and mentee totals, over Case Western Reserve University career/full academic career:

  • PhD: 16              
  • Post-doc:  2
  • A sampling of CWRU PhD graduates and Postdoctoral fellows’ current careers: 
    • Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences 
    • Vanderbilt University
    • Children’s National Medical Center  
    • The University of Vermont 
    • Ohio State University