Research Presentations

Supporting Transition‐Age Youth & Their Families:
Research Findings

Presented at the Milestones National Austism Conference June, 2019

Milestones National Austism Conference

Project Co-Directors:
Karen J. Isher, PhD, LSW (Mandel School, CWRU)
David E. Biegel, PhD (Mandel School, CWRU)

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  • Growing numbers of adolescents & young adults with ASD.
  • Many young persons with ASD are at risk for reduced quality of life in adulthood.
  • Across chronic illnesses and disabilities, providing care for a family member can result in family caregiver burden and depression.
  • Families of adolescents and young adults with ASD face a variety of stressors, especially during the transition years.

Study Aims

  1. Examine Service Use of Youth with ASD & Their Family CGs
    ‐Service use & experiences
    ‐Facilitators & barriers to service use
    ‐Gaps in needed services
  2. Assess CG Burden Among These Family CGs
  3. Examine Impact of CG Stressors, Appraisals, Resources,and Services Gaps & Barriers on Family CG Outcomes

Also within each: Explore potential differences by family CG demographics and characteristics of youth with ASD.


Primary Findings – Service needs & barriers

Next Steps