AACCESS-OHIO, the Arab American Community Center for Economic & Social Services in Ohio, was established in December 1991 as a nonprofit service organization and community center. Its mission is to meet the economic, social, and cultural needs of Cleveland's Arab American community, and to promote better understanding of Arab culture while integrating Arab Americans into the mainstream of American life. AACCESS-OHIO provides an array of services to its constituents, including referrals for medical, legal, and social services, assistance in immigration matters, aid to needy families, Arabic and English communication services (such as document translation, faxes, and word processing, student tutoring, and voter registration). AACCESS-OHIO also publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Community Pulse. In 1995, it was located at 10006 Lorain Avenue. At that time, the center planned to initiate a cultural library, citizenship and English classes, and health education programs. In 1995 Emad Raja served as director.

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