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An early predecessor of the Main Ave. (Harold H. Burton Memorial) Bridge was this 200-foot hand-operated swing bridge, completed in 1869. WRHS.
An early predecessor of the Main Ave. (Harold H. Burton Memorial) Bridge was this 200-foot hand-operated swing bridge, completed in 1869. WRHS.
Bird's-eye view of the 1903 Group Plan by Daniel Burnham. WRHS.
Members of the Mayor's Advisory War Committee meet at a large table in City Hall, ca. 1917. WRHS.
A large crowd sits at tables to hear Carl B. Stokes and Seth Taft debate at the City Club of Cleveland during the 1967 mayoral campaign. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives/Photo by Bill Nehez.
Young girls sit at tables and desks during a class at Miss Mittleberger's School, 1020 Prospect St., ca. 1900. WRHS
The Moses Cleaveland Statue on Public Square, ca. 1929. WRHS.
WPA artist Leroy Flint touches up a mural in the recreation room at CMHA's Woodhill Homes, ca. 1938. Special Collections, CWRU Library.
Cleveland Memory
A young Margaret Hamilton, most well known for her role as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz
Iconic Maurice "Sax Man" Reedus, Jr. playing on the sidewalks of Cleveland Playhouse Square in 2018.
Courtesy of Natalie Ryabchikova, Moscow
Russian-language advertisement for a poetry recital by Vladimir Mayakovsky in Cleveland during his trip to the U.S. The text translates as: "Hey, Clevelander, listen up! The theater isn't going anywhere. The movies aren't going anywhere. Your acquaintances aren't going anywhere - but - Mayakovsky is going back to the USSR, but before he departs, h
Courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library Photograph Collection.
Anastas Mikoyan (right) meets Cyrus Eaton (standing) and his wife, Anne (seated in a wheelchair) upon his arrival in Cleveland, 7 January 1959. Soviet Ambassador to the U.S., Mikhail Menshikov, stands in the top right corner in a hat and scarf.
Morris Black, 1932. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Cleveland's First Masonic Temple as it appeared in the 1880s. WRHS.
Multiple aircraft fly in formation at the National Air Races held in Cleveland, July 1935. WRHS.
Fred Crawford (right) presents the Thompson Trophy to aviator Roscoe Turner at the Cleveland National Air Races. WRHS.
A Nike Missile stands at the ready at its Cleveland lakefront launching site, ca. 1958. WRHS, photo by Howard L. Newmarker.
Postcard (1 of 5) sent to Elliot Ness in 1954 by an asylum inmate believed by some to be the Torso Murderer.
Postcard (2 of 5) sent to Eliot Ness in 1954 by an asylum inmate who some people believe may have been the torso murderer.
Postcard (4 of 5) sent to Eliot Ness in 1954 by an asylum inmate believed by some to have been the Torso Murderer. WRHS.
Postcard (5 of 5) sent to Eliot Ness in 1954 by an asylum inmate believed by some to have been the torso murderer.
Newton D. Baker, 1929. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Ken Blaze
Nine Shocks Terror performing at Speak in Tongues
Rows of produce and other goods fill the inside the Northern Ohio Food Terminal in 1929. WRHS.
Olmsted Historical Society
North Olmsted buses with the bus garage behind them, ca. 1932
James Dubelko
A 1931 collage showing the first vehicles of the NOMBL and its first employees.
Courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library
Russian-language advertisement for poetry reading by Vladimir Mayakovsky, Novy Mir newspaper, New York, NY, 26 September 1925. From the book Mayakovsky by Aleksandr Mikhailov (Moscow: Molodaya Gvardiya, 1988
A broadside calling for public celebration of the return of the Oberlin-Wellington Rescuers, July, 1859. Oberlin College Archives.
A group of four people stand on State Boat No. 1 as it is pulled by two horses just south of Stone Rd., on the Ohio-Erie Canal, 1902. WRHS, Courtesy of Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area.
Collections fill the Olney Art Gallery in the Tremont neighborhood, ca. 1890s. The Olney collection was later transferred to the Dudley Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College. WRHS.
A horse-drawn Orlando Baking Co. delivery carriage, ca. 1909. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Ora Coltman. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Two young girls watch boaters on the Wade Park lagoon in 1888. WRHS.
Map of the Cleveland Metroparks System.
This 1932 Peerless, with a complete aluminum body and engine, was one of only 3 built by the Peerless Motor Car Co. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, WRHS.
The Perry Monument stands at the center of the intersection of Ontario and Superior in this 1870s photograph. WRHS.
The nine-story, newly completed Phyllis Wheatly Home at 4450 Cedar Ave., ca. 1927. WRHS.
Map of Native American Trails, Mounds, and Fortifications in Cuyahoga County.
Pres. Jimmy Carter and Republican candidate Ronald Reagan shake hands at the conclusion of the Presidential Debate in Cleveland, 28 Oct. 1980. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Edward Kuekes' 1953 Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoon 'Aftermath' depicts two soldiers carrying a young soldier on a stretcher. One asks “Wonder if he voted?” The other replies “No…He wasn’t old enough.” Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
A crowd listens to an official speaking from a balcony at the dedication ceremonies for Outhwaite Homes, Aug. 1937. WRHS.
This newspaper drawing documents a group of strikers breaking down a door during the Cleveland Rolling Mill Strikes Strike of 1885, tested fledgling public safety forces. From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. WRHS.
Mayor Harold Burton (left) and Safety Director Eliot Ness pose on the Mall with the Police Department's new fleet of police cars, 10 Aug. 1938. WRHS.
The Soldiers and Sailor’s monument as seen from the northeast quadrant of Public Square, ca. 1895. WRHS.
Hagley Museum and Library
On the set of the Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company film, “The Talking Hoist” (1948). (left to right) Paul Culley, Frank Benish, Bob Welchans, Harry Horrocks, and Ray Culley
Cleveland Memory
Paul Newman poses with Cleveland Indians players Leon Wagner, Chuck Hinton, and Rocky Colavito, 1966.
Cleveland Memory
Paul Newman and Jeanette Klima in the 1936 production of "St. George and the Dragon." This was produced by The Cleveland Play House Children's Theatre, founded in 1933. Paul Newman is the most esteemed of the Curtain Pullers Alumni.
The exterior of the Orange Avenue Cleveland Public Bath House as it appeared early in the Twentieth Century. WRHS.
Cleveland Arts Prize
Vintage Aerial View #1 of Cleveland
Phillip Smead Bird. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
The exterior of the Perry Payne Building on Superior avenue as it appeared in the 1880s. WRHS.
Equipment fills the transmission room of WHK Radio, ca. 1930. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Ahaz Merchant's map of 1835 shows Cleveland just prior to its incorporation as a city.
Glowing molten steel pours from an open hearth furnace at Republic Steel's Corrigan-McKinney Works, ca. 1940s. WRHS.
Spectators crowd around the Alf Landon Bandwagon in front of Public Hall at the 1936 GOP Convention. CPL.
The faces of Otto Moser's Bar on East 4th St., a favorite of the theater-going crowd, as it looked in the mid-1960s. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Runners crowd the Euclid Ave. starting line of the 1991 Revco Cleveland Marathon and 10K. Courtesy of Edward Howard and Co.; Stephen Crompton Photography.
A poster announcing the “first” rock concert, the Moondog Coronation Ball at the Cleveland Arena, March 1952. WRHS.
The new addition to the city greenhouse in Rockefeller Park stands at the end of a large grass field, 1964. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Pedestrians walk beneath the marquee of The Roxy Burlesque Theater on Short Vincent, 1956. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Two 1930s radio control men at work in the Cleveland Municipal Airport.
Cleveland Memory
Richard Gildenmeister escorting Lauren Bacall to a book signing party, 1979.
Courtesy of Sigrid Estrada
Robert Sam Anson in 1985. Anson was a Cleveland-born journalist and author who penned six non-fiction books and scores of articles for magazines such as Vanity Fair, Time, Esquire, Life, and The Atlantic.
Courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library Photograph Collection.
Russian folk dancers, Cleveland, 17 November 1949.
Pietro A. Shakarian, Moscow, November 2019.
This plaque marks the site of Charles Ruthenberg's interment in the Kremlin in Moscow.