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A crowd gathers at the catafalque on Public Square to view the body of Abraham Lincoln, 28 Apr. 1865. WRHS.
The Academy of Music, ca. 1880s. WRHS.
The International Salt Co. (now Akzo-Nobel) mine underneath Whiskey Island, 1966. CPL.
Muhammad Ali watches Chuck Wepner fall to the canvas in the 15th round, 24 Mar. 1975. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Alta House, Mayfield Rd. and E. 125, ca. 1920. WRHS.
This sculpted head of Amasa Stone, first used as a keystone at the old Union Depot, now adorns the Amasa Stone Chapel. Wendell Morningstar Photography.
Engineers survey Ambler Parkway, 1895. WRHS.
Cleveland Ship Building Co., a forerunner of the American Ship Building Co., 1890. WRHS
Samuel Andrews's mansion, also called 'Andrews's Folly,' located on Euclid Ave., ca. 1890. WRHS.
The S.S. Aquarama docks in Cleveland, 1956. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
The Wayfarer's Lodge provided temporary shelter for people in need during the Great Depression, ca. 1930. WRHS.
Charcoal Plant of the Austin Powder Company, near the Five Mile Lock of the Ohio-Erie Canal, ca. 1870. The facility exploded in 1907. WRHS.
The Astor House as it appeared in the early 1900s. WRHS
Balto and his owner, Gunnar Kasson, ca. 1925. CPL
The crowd and players stand for the National Anthem at the 1954 All Star Game held at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium, 13 July 1954. The Sporting News.
The blizzard of 1913 impedes traffic on West 25 Street. WRHS.
Carriage exits the Blue Rock Mineral Springs at the foot of Cedar Hill, ca. 1900. In 1995, the site was the location for the Lincoln Storage Co. WRHS.
First location of the Booth Memorial Hospital on Kinsman Rd., n.d. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Standard Oil Co.'s No. 1 Refinery in Cleveland when the city was the center of the world petroleum industry, 1889. WRHS.
Standard Oil Co. founder John D. Rockefeller (with cane) escorts sister-in-law Lucy Spelman through Coit Rd. Station in East Cleveland, en route to Rockefeller's Forest Hill summer home, 1912. WRHS.
Cleveland State University, Special Collections
Adele von Ohl Parker, ca. 1930
Alexander Blazys. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS.
Alfred Benesch. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Cleveland Public Library
Allen Memorial Medical Library, 1929.
Courtesy of the Plain Dealer Archives
Advertisement for Anna Pavlova and Mikhail Mordkin in Cleveland at the Hippodrome Theater, "The Plain Dealer," 22 May 1910.
Annie Spencer Cutter. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Archie Bell. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Cleveland Memory
Arial view of the 1936-1937 Great Lakes Exposition grounds with Municipal Stadium is in the foreground
The intercity championship baseball game between White Auto and Omaha 'Luxus' at Brookside Park Stadium, 10 Oct. 1915. Over 100,000 spectators viewed the contest. WRHS.
Barnett Brickner. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Sponsored film studios based in Cleveland helped launch a number of beer brands and beer packaging innovations – like these from the Carling Brewing Company. Here, Sherlock Holmes actor, Basil Rathbone, is on a Cinecraft Productions set promoting the Leisy Premier Theatre, a 1951 weekly TV show.
Benedict Crowell. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Benjamin P. Bole. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS Archive
Courtesy of Western Reserve Historical Society
Hagley Museum and Library
Cinecraft founders Betty and Ray Culley (behind the camera), circa 1940.
Courtesy of the Plain Dealer
Betty Cope, founding president of WVIZ Channel 25 and television pioneer, with camera on the set of WVIZ.
From the Ohio Archivist, Fall 1970
Image from the Society of Ohio Archivists newsletter, Fall 1970
Bob Feller pitching against the St. Louis Browns on 23 Aug. 1936. The Indians would win the game, 4-1.
The Cataract House Hotel, Broadway and South Miles avenues, 1867. CPL.
The Gothic style Central High School building, ca. 1888
Central Market, E. 4th St., ca. 1946. WRHS.
The Central Viaduct spans the Cuyahoga River, ca. 1910. WRHS.
Al Sutphin's Cleveland Arena, 1947. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Newsboys gather in front of the Call & Post building, ca. 1935. Photo from the Allen Cole Collection, WRHS.
City of Cleveland Wards, 1840
City of Cleveland Wards, 1860
City of Cleveland Wards, 1880
City of Cleveland Wards, 1900
City of Cleveland Wards, 1920
City of Cleveland Wards, 1949
City of Cleveland Wards, 1963
City of Cleveland Wards, 1986
City of Cleveland Wards, 1995
Firefighters rescue workers at the Cleveland Clinic Disaster, 15 May 1929. Courtesy of the Archives of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the Plain Dealer.
Dedication ceremonies at the American Cultural Garden, July 1943. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
The Cleveland Fire Department's Engine NO. 2 on Public Square, ca. 1910. WRHS.
The Cleveland Gatling Gun Battery, at Lake Chatauqua, ca. 1895. WRHS.
The Cleveland Grays gather at Camp Wise, ca. 1890s. WRHS.
The Cleveland Herald Building, Bank Street (W. 6th) and Superior Avenue, ca. 1870s. WRHS.
Passenger car of the Cleveland, Southwestern, & Columbus Interurban Railway, ca. 1920. WRHS.
An aerial view of the Cleveland State Hospital complex, ca. 1951. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Cleveland Workhouse, ca. 1880s. WRHS.
The smoldering remains of Lakeview Elementary School after the Collinwood school fire, 4 Mar. 1908. WRHS.
A ceramist at work at Cowan Pottery's studio, 1928. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
The Cunningham Sanitarium, ca. 1930. The five-story steel sphere was utilized for oxygen-therapy for the sanitarium's patients. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
The Cuyahoga Building on Public Square, designed by Daniel H. Burnham and erected in 1893, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
A view of the Cuyahoga River, looking north from the riverbank at Superior Ave., 1870. WRHS.
Soldiers stand in formation at Central Armory during World War I. WRHS.
Cleveland Memory
The sign for the Cadillac Lounge in 1949
Cleveland Public Library
"Blast Furnace" by Jolan Gross-Bettelheim.
Cleveland Memory
Carl Stokes and his wife Shirley outside a voting booth on Election Day, 1967. By winning the election, Stokes became the first African-American to be elected mayor of a large U.S. city.
Glenn Curtiss' flight from Euclid Beach, ca. 1905-1910.
CEN-PE-CO owner at the induction ceremony for The One Hundred Years Club of Western Reserve
Case Hall as it appeared in the early 1900s. WRHS.
Cleveland City Hall as it appeared in the 1880s. WRHS.
Chester Castle Bolton, 1932. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
1948 still from the Cinecraft, Inc. film, "Television Televised"
Paul Burik
The lobby of Cleveland's Bohemian National Hall, dedicated to the Cleveland Agreement of 1915 during the centennial celebration of Czechoslovakia in October 2018.
Paul Burik
Minutes of the Cleveland Agreement conference. The last item (item #8) indicates that, once signed by the two parties, these minutes constitute the agreement. Presidents Dr. Ludvik Fisher signed for “České národní sdružení” – the Bohemian National Alliance, and Mr. Albert Mamatey signed for the Slovak League.
Cleveland State University Digital Collection
The Cleveland Film Exchange building in 1965
Exterior view of the 1930s Cleveland Municipal Airport building.
Photo by Oleg Makarov, courtesy of The Cleveland Orchestra Archives
George Szell leading the Cleveland Orchestra at the Leningrad Philharmonia Bolshoi Hall, Leningrad, May 1965.
Cleveland Public Library Logo
Cleveland Memory
School gardeners at Ben Franklin Garden
Cleveland Recording Co. Studio
Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Doctors' Hospital at 12345 Cedar Rd., ca. 1948. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Dudley Blossom. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
City of University Heights