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County Engineering employees searching through the blast wreckage of the East Ohio Gas Co. explosion, 1944. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives
County Engineering employees search through the wreckage of the East Ohio Gas Co. explosion, 1944. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Interior of the Elysium, n.d. WRHS, courtesy of the Kekic Collection.
Stately homes line 'Millionaires' Row' on Euclid Ave., looking west from Erie St. (E. 9th), ca. 1870. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Euclid Ave. Baptist Church, ca. 1900. WRHS.
Construction of the Euclid Ave. Opera House, ca. 1870s. WRHS.
Patrons at Euclid Beach Park, ca. early 1930s. Pictured: Members of the Eppley family, including Arleen Eppley Gannon and her brother George Eppley, and sisters Marcella and Dorma. Courtesy of Amusement Park Books, Inc./Ed Chukayne.
Matthew Chasney
Site of the Glenville Shootout from the intersection of E. 123rd and Beulah looking east toward Lakeview Avenue, 2018.
Courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library Photograph Collection.
Cyris Eaton (standing) and Nikita Khrushchev (sitting) at the Biltmore Hotel lunch reception, September 30, 1960.
Courtesy of the Western Reserve Historical Society.
Cyrus Eaton (standing) and his wife Anne (seated in a wheelchair) meet with Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow, 1964.
Courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library Photograph Collection.
Cyrus Eaton (extreme right) meets with visiting Soviet journalists at his Acadia Farms in Northfield, Ohio, October 28, 1955. The Soviet journalists (from left to right) are as follows: Anatoli V. Sofronov, Viktor V. Poltoratski, Aleksei I. Adzhubei, Boris N. Kampov-Polevoy, and Valentin M. Berezhkov.
Courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library Photograph Collection.
The troika gifted by Anastas Mikoyan to Cyrus Eaton at his Acadia Farms in Northfield, Ohio, 2 March 1959.
Euclid Avenue near East 9th Street circa 1920s
A 1910 F.B. Stearns sedan. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, WRHS.
First Baptist Church at Euclid Ave. and Erie (E. 9th) St., 1875. WRHS.
The Old Stone Church (First Presbyterian Church) on Public Square, flanked by the Cleveland Electric Illuminating building, ca. 1910. WRHS.
Aerial view of the Fisher Body Plant on Coit Rd., ca. 1949. WRHS.
Members of the Forest City Baseball Club in the early 1880s. WRHS.
Public Square celebration of Germany's victory over France in the Franco-Prussian War, 1871. WRHS.
Members of the Future Outlook League, ca. 1938. Photo from the Allen Cole Collection, WRHS.
Florence Allen. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
A 1935 quilt made with a Florence LaGanke "Nancy Page" laurel wreath quilt pattern. This particular pattern series appeared in newspapers across the country from 1934-1935
Courtesy of Western Reserve Historical Society
Forbes Chocolate Company
Cleveland Memory
Frances Taft (in light coat) presents a box of roses to Shirley Stokes, wife of mayor-elect Carl B. Stokes, congratulating her on her husband's successful election, 1967
Ohio Genealogical Society Library
“The Ohio Story” radio and TV series was written by Frank Siedel (left) and produced by Stu Buchanan (right). The series ran state-wide from 1947 to 1955 on radio and 1953 to 1961 on TV. At the time, the filmed series held the record as the longest-running scripted radio and TV program in the nation.
Ohio Genealogical Society Library
Frank Siedel standing amidst 1,300+ radio scripts and 175 cans of TV show filmstock for "The Ohio Story."
Services at the Garfield Monument, Lake View Cemetery, commemorate the centennial anniversary of the birth of James A. Garfield, 1932. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
The Ironing Department of L.N. Gross Co., ca. 1930. WRHS.
Conceptual Cross-Section of Local Geology
Ancient Shorelines of Lake Erie
Major Rivers and Streams of Cuyahoga County
Workers relax after completing work on a Martin Bomber, ca. 1920. WRHS.
Harness racing at Glenville Track, ca. 1900. WRHS.
Ohio National Guard soldiers on duty in Cleveland following the Glenville shootout, July 1968. CPL.
Congressional Districts, 48th Congress
Congressional Districts, 61st-82nd Congress
Congressional Districts, 93nd-97th Congress
Congressional Districts, 104th Congress
Grand Army of the Republic Convention, 1901. WRHS.
IMG Motor Sports driver Paul Tracy maneuvers through the course at the 1994 Grand Prix of Cleveland. Courtesy of IMG Motor Sports.
Mall A was the site of the Sherwin-Williams Plaza at the Great Lakes Exposition of 1937. WRHS.
Cleveland Memory
Sandy Block (left) and Tony Rogers, members of Cleveland’s Gay Activists Alliance in 1972
George Adomeit. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
George Crile. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Courtesy of The Cleveland Orchestra Archives
George Szell meets with Armenian Orthodox Patriarch (Catholicos) Vazgen I (seated), Etchmiadzin, Armenia, May 3, 1965. Photographer unknown.
The Plain Dealer
Photo caption reads “George Voinovich throws out the first plum at an Indians-Yankees game, launching a campaign [Cleveland is a Plum] to sweeten Cleveland’s image nationally.” Courtesy of Cleveland Public Library and The Plain Dealer.
George G. Jones with assistant at Favorite Brass Foundry, 2539 Central Ave.
Cleveland Public Library Digital Gallery
Germania Hall in 1940, then used as the Goodwill Industries headquarters. The building, designed by Cudell and Richardson and built in 1887, was demolished circa 1954.
Dad (right, second row from top) - 1928.
Senior Editor John J. Grabowski
Senior Editor John J. Grabowski, Krieger-Mueller - Associate Professor of Applied History
Dad (second row from the top) Washington Park, Memorial day 1928
Dad (second row from the top) Washington Park, Memorial day 1928
Dad (second row from the top) Washington Park, Memorial day 1928
Dad (second row from the top) in 1928.
Cleveland Memory
Aerial view of the main entrance to the Great Lakes Exposition, Sherwin-Williams Plaza, Cleveland Convention Center, and Cleveland City Hall
Cleveland Public Library
Gross-Bettelheim's print of a blast furnace for the Federal Art Project in Cleveland.
Courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library Photograph Collection.
The Armenians have long played a major role in Cleveland's Oriental Rug business. This photograph from December 30, 1940 shows Vahe Gulbenkian repairing such a rug on a loom at 12551 Euclid Ave.
The early Euclid Ave. location of Halle Bros. Department Store, ca. 1900. WRHS.
Patrons of Haltnorth's Garden, Willson (E. 55th) and Woodland aves., ca. 1890. WRHS.
The Haymarket area along Ontario Ave., ca. 1930. The facilities for the Gateway sports complex now occupy much of the site. WRHS.
Hollenden Hotel at Superior Ave. and E. 6th St. 1906. WRHS.
Stone carvers pose on a pylon of the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, later renamed the Hope Memorial Bridge, ca. 1931. WRHS.
Bakers hand-decorate cakes at the main plant of Hough Bakery, 1973. CPL.
Cleveland Memory
Built in 1921, the Hanna Theater was a cornerstone of the Cleveland theater scene. In this photograph, general manager Milton Krantz, releases a homing pigeon in front of the theater on May 6, 1976. The pigeon took thirty minutes to reach its roost in North Olmsted. Krantz was know as "Mr. First Nighter."
Harris Cooley. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Influential newspaper man, Harry Volk
Larry Gorjup
The emperor showing off his “new clothes” to townspeople in The Emperor’s New Clothes. Note the wide range of ages, because actors were drawn from all grades in Cleveland Heights schools.
Larry Gorjup
In dress rehearsal for the Emperor's New Clothes: Left to right, Frank Porath as a tailor to the Emperor; unknown actor as the chamberlain; Wally Wood as a tailor to the Emperor.
Larry Gorjup
Frank Porath as a tailor, being visited by the emperor’s chamberlain early in the play, The Emperor’s New Clothes.
Larry Gorjup
At left, scenery for Emperor’s throne room in The Emperor’s New Clothes. At right, street scene with actors preparing for the dress rehearsal. All scenery for this and other plays in this television series were painted by Barbara Wood.
Larry Gorjup
In The Emperor’s New Clothes, the two tailors (played by recent Cleveland Heights HS graduates Wally Wood and Frank Porath) are convincing the Emperor (unknown actor) to buy new clothing only visible to honest people. Scene takes place in Emperor’s throne room.
Smith College Special Collections
Helen Maria Chesnutt class of 1901 photograph, courtesy of Smith College
Holy Name High School
A Map Ethnic Settlements in Cuyahoga County based on census tract data, ca. 1923.
A Conceptual map of Traditional Ethnic Neighborhoods in Cuyahoga County, 1900-1950.
The Carlin House, at 3233 Euclid Avenue, one mansions of Euclid Avenue served as the Headquarters for the International Ladies Garment Workers' Union when this photograph was taken in the 1950s. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
A Lakeshore Electric Railway interurban car passes an automobile during the 1920s. WRHS.
This advertisement for the Jordan Playboy coupe is considered a landmark in the history of automobile promotion, 1920. WRHS.
Hagley Museum and Library
1937 Cleveland Play House press photo of K. Elmo Lowe and his wife, Dorothy Paxton
Langston Hughes sits at a table with four performers at the Karamu Theater. Courtesy of the Karamu House.
The May Co. store on Public Square during a busy day in 1941. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Edris Eckhardt five other Kokoon Club members pose in their costumes at the 1929 Bal Masque. Courtesy of the Cleveland Artists Foundation.
Courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library Photograph Collection.
Fr. Jason Kappanadze at St. Theodosius, 1931.
Culley Family Collection at Hagley Library
Kirk Willis starred in a number of sponsored films and TV commercials produced by Cleveland-based Tri-State Motion Pictures and Cinecraft Productions.
Courtesy of Sarah Willis
Actor Kirk Willis
Violence erupts as strikers overturn a vehicle outside the Fisher Body Plant, 1939. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives/Photo by Fred Bottomer.
A row of automobiles forms a funeral procession at Lake View Cemetery, ca. 1911. Increased automobile use in the 1910s necessitated paving the cemetery's numerous pathways for motor traffic. Courtesy of Lake View Cemetery Association.
The Lakeside Nursing Unit is received by King George V and Queen Mary at Buckingham Palace, 18 May 1917. CWRU Archives.
Ernest J. Bohn (left) escorts Eleanor Roosevelt on a tour of Lakeview Terrace at Lakeview's dedication ceremonies in 1937. Special Collections, CWRU Library.
A detailed drawing showing League Park and its surrounding neighborhood in 1924. CPL.
An artist's rendering of the Leisy Brewing Co. facilities on Vega Avenue, ca. 1890. WRHS.
A band heads the procession at the Feast of the Assumption parade in Cleveland's Little Italy, ca. 1950. WRHS.
A large arch dominates the entrance to Luna Park, Cleveland’s fairyland of pleasure, ca. 1910s. WRHS.
CIO Director Lee Hall addresses a crowd of CIO members on Public Square during the Little Steel Strike, early July 1937. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Mayor Harold Burton and Safety Director Eliot Ness meet with the Steel Workers' Organization Committee at City Hall, July 1937.Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Cleveland Public Library Digital Gallery
Poet Langston Hughes in 1947
Matthew Chasney
LeBron James banner being removed from the Sherwin Williams building July 3, 2018
Cleveland Memory
Little Ted's Restaurant and Bar in 1949
Cleveland State University, Michael Schwartz Library Special Collections
Louise Winslow with guests John Kennedy and Cleveland Mayor, Anthony Celebrezze, on her WERE “Brunch Time” radio show.