Matthew Chasney
"Dominance of the City" mural by Ora Coltman in the Cleveland Public Library's main branch, 2018.
A crowd gathers at the catafalque on Public Square to view the body of Abraham Lincoln, 28 Apr. 1865. WRHS.
The Academy of Music, ca. 1880s. WRHS.
The International Salt Co. (now Akzo-Nobel) mine underneath Whiskey Island, 1966. CPL.
Muhammad Ali watches Chuck Wepner fall to the canvas in the 15th round, 24 Mar. 1975. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Alta House, Mayfield Rd. and E. 125, ca. 1920. WRHS.
This sculpted head of Amasa Stone, first used as a keystone at the old Union Depot, now adorns the Amasa Stone Chapel. Wendell Morningstar Photography.
Engineers survey Ambler Parkway, 1895. WRHS.
Cleveland Ship Building Co., a forerunner of the American Ship Building Co., 1890. WRHS
Samuel Andrews's mansion, also called 'Andrews's Folly,' located on Euclid Ave., ca. 1890. WRHS.
The S.S. Aquarama docks in Cleveland, 1956. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
The Wayfarer's Lodge provided temporary shelter for people in need during the Great Depression, ca. 1930. WRHS.
Charcoal Plant of the Austin Powder Company, near the Five Mile Lock of the Ohio-Erie Canal, ca. 1870. The facility exploded in 1907. WRHS.
The Astor House as it appeared in the early 1900s. WRHS
Balto and his owner, Gunnar Kasson, ca. 1925. CPL
The crowd and players stand for the National Anthem at the 1954 All Star Game held at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium, 13 July 1954. The Sporting News.
The blizzard of 1913 impedes traffic on West 25 Street. WRHS.
Carriage exits the Blue Rock Mineral Springs at the foot of Cedar Hill, ca. 1900. In 1995, the site was the location for the Lincoln Storage Co. WRHS.
First location of the Booth Memorial Hospital on Kinsman Rd., n.d. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Standard Oil Co.'s No. 1 Refinery in Cleveland when the city was the center of the world petroleum industry, 1889. WRHS.
Standard Oil Co. founder John D. Rockefeller (with cane) escorts sister-in-law Lucy Spelman through Coit Rd. Station in East Cleveland, en route to Rockefeller's Forest Hill summer home, 1912. WRHS.
Alexander Blazys. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS.
Alfred Benesch. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Annie Spencer Cutter. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Archie Bell. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
The intercity championship baseball game between White Auto and Omaha 'Luxus' at Brookside Park Stadium, 10 Oct. 1915. Over 100,000 spectators viewed the contest. WRHS.
Barnett Brickner. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Benedict Crowell. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Benjamin P. Bole. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS Archive
The Cataract House Hotel, Broadway and South Miles avenues, 1867. CPL.
The Gothic style Central High School building, ca. 1888
Central Market, E. 4th St., ca. 1946. WRHS.
The Central Viaduct spans the Cuyahoga River, ca. 1910. WRHS.
Al Sutphin's Cleveland Arena, 1947. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Newsboys gather in front of the Call & Post building, ca. 1935. Photo from the Allen Cole Collection, WRHS.
City of Cleveland Wards, 1840
City of Cleveland Wards, 1860
City of Cleveland Wards, 1880
City of Cleveland Wards, 1900
City of Cleveland Wards, 1920
City of Cleveland Wards, 1949
City of Cleveland Wards, 1963
City of Cleveland Wards, 1986
City of Cleveland Wards, 1995
Firefighters rescue workers at the Cleveland Clinic Disaster, 15 May 1929. Courtesy of the Archives of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the Plain Dealer.
Dedication ceremonies at the American Cultural Garden, July 1943. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
The Cleveland Fire Department's Engine NO. 2 on Public Square, ca. 1910. WRHS.
The Cleveland Gatling Gun Battery, at Lake Chatauqua, ca. 1895. WRHS.
The Cleveland Grays gather at Camp Wise, ca. 1890s. WRHS.
The Cleveland Herald Building, Bank Street (W. 6th) and Superior Avenue, ca. 1870s. WRHS.
Passenger car of the Cleveland, Southwestern, & Columbus Interurban Railway, ca. 1920. WRHS.
An aerial view of the Cleveland State Hospital complex, ca. 1951. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Cleveland Workhouse, ca. 1880s. WRHS.
The smoldering remains of Lakeview Elementary School after the Collinwood school fire, 4 Mar. 1908. WRHS.
A ceramist at work at Cowan Pottery's studio, 1928. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
The Cunningham Sanitarium, ca. 1930. The five-story steel sphere was utilized for oxygen-therapy for the sanitarium's patients. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
The Cuyahoga Building on Public Square, designed by Daniel H. Burnham and erected in 1893, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
A view of the Cuyahoga River, looking north from the riverbank at Superior Ave., 1870. WRHS.
Soldiers stand in formation at Central Armory during World War I. WRHS.
Glen Curtis' Flight from Euclid Beach, ca. 1905-1910. WRHS.
Case Hall as it appeared in the early 1900s. WRHS.
Cleveland City Hall as it appeared in the 1880s. WRHS.
Chester Castle Bolton, 1932. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Cleveland Public Library Logo
Cleveland Recording Co. Studio
Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Doctors' Hospital at 12345 Cedar Rd., ca. 1948. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Dudley Blossom. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
County Engineering employees search through the wreckage of the East Ohio Gas Co. explosion, 1944. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Interior of the Elysium, n.d. WRHS, courtesy of the Kekic Collection.
Stately homes line 'Millionaires' Row' on Euclid Ave., looking west from Erie St. (E. 9th), ca. 1870. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Euclid Ave. Baptist Church, ca. 1900. WRHS.
Construction of the Euclid Ave. Opera House, ca. 1870s. WRHS.
Patrons at Euclid Beach Park, ca. 1940s. Courtesy of Amusement Park Books, Inc./Ed Chukayne.
Matthew Chasney
Site of the Glenville Shootout from the intersection of E. 123rd and Beulah looking east toward Lakeview Avenue, 2018.
A 1910 F.B. Stearns sedan. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, WRHS.
First Baptist Church at Euclid Ave. and Erie (E. 9th) St., 1875. WRHS.
The Old Stone Church (First Presbyterian Church) on Public Square, flanked by the Cleveland Electric Illuminating building, ca. 1910. WRHS.
Aerial view of the Fisher Body Plant on Coit Rd., ca. 1949. WRHS.
Members of the Forest City Baseball Club in the early 1880s. WRHS.
Public Square celebration of Germany's victory over France in the Franco-Prussian War, 1871. WRHS.
Members of the Future Outlook League, ca. 1938. Photo from the Allen Cole Collection, WRHS.
Florence Allen. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Services at the Garfield Monument, Lake View Cemetery, commemorate the centennial anniversary of the birth of James A. Garfield, 1932. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
The Ironing Department of L.N. Gross Co., ca. 1930. WRHS.
Conceptual Cross-Section of Local Geology
Ancient Shorelines of Lake Erie
Major Rivers and Streams of Cuyahoga County
Workers relax after completing work on a Martin Bomber, ca. 1920. WRHS.
Harness racing at Glenville Track, ca. 1900. WRHS.
Ohio National Guard soldiers on duty in Cleveland following the Glenville shootout, July 1968. CPL.
Congressional Districts, 48th Congress
Congressional Districts, 61st-82nd Congress
Congressional Districts, 93nd-97th Congress
Congressional Districts, 104th Congress
Grand Army of the Republic Convention, 1901. WRHS.
IMG Motor Sports driver Paul Tracy maneuvers through the course at the 1994 Grand Prix of Cleveland. Courtesy of IMG Motor Sports.
Mall A was the site of the Sherwin-Williams Plaza at the Great Lakes Exposition of 1937. WRHS.
George Adomeit. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
George Crile. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
George G. Jones with assistant at Favorite Brass Foundry, 2539 Central Ave.
The early Euclid Ave. location of Halle Bros. Department Store, ca. 1900. WRHS.
Patrons of Haltnorth's Garden, Willson (E. 55th) and Woodland aves., ca. 1890. WRHS.
The Haymarket area along Ontario Ave., ca. 1930. The facilities for the Gateway sports complex now occupy much of the site. WRHS.
Hollenden Hotel at Superior Ave. and E. 6th St. 1906. WRHS.
Stone carvers pose on a pylon of the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, later renamed the Hope Memorial Bridge, ca. 1931. WRHS.
Bakers hand-decorate cakes at the main plant of Hough Bakery, 1973. CPL.
Harris Cooley. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
A Map Ethnic Settlements in Cuyahoga County based on census tract data, ca. 1923.
A Conceptual map of Traditional Ethnic Neighborhoods in Cuyahoga County, 1900-1950.
The Carlin House, at 3233 Euclid Avenue, one mansions of Euclid Avenue served as the Headquarters for the International Ladies Garment Workers' Union when this photograph was taken in the 1950s. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
A Lakeshore Electric Railway interurban car passes an automobile during the 1920s. WRHS.
This advertisement for the Jordan Playboy coupe is considered a landmark in the history of automobile promotion, 1920. WRHS.
Langston Hughes sits at a table with four performers at the Karamu Theater. Courtesy of the Karamu House.
The May Co. store on Public Square during a busy day in 1941. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Edris Eckhardt five other Kokoon Club members pose in their costumes at the 1929 Bal Masque. Courtesy of the Cleveland Artists Foundation.
Violence erupts as strikers overturn a vehicle outside the Fisher Body Plant, 1939. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives/Photo by Fred Bottomer.
A row of automobiles forms a funeral procession at Lake View Cemetery, ca. 1911. Increased automobile use in the 1910s necessitated paving the cemetery's numerous pathways for motor traffic. Courtesy of Lake View Cemetery Association.
The Lakeside Nursing Unit is received by King George V and Queen Mary at Buckingham Palace, 18 May 1917. CWRU Archives.
Ernest J. Bohn (left) escorts Eleanor Roosevelt on a tour of Lakeview Terrace at Lakeview's dedication ceremonies in 1937. Special Collections, CWRU Library.
A detailed drawing showing League Park and its surrounding neighborhood in 1924. CPL.
An artist's rendering of the Leisy Brewing Co. facilities on Vega Avenue, ca. 1890. WRHS.
A band heads the procession at the Feast of the Assumption parade in Cleveland's Little Italy, ca. 1950. WRHS.
A large arch dominates the entrance to Luna Park, Cleveland’s fairyland of pleasure, ca. 1910s. WRHS.
CIO Director Lee Hall addresses a crowd of CIO members on Public Square during the Little Steel Strike, early July 1937. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Mayor Harold Burton and Safety Director Eliot Ness meet with the Steel Workers' Organization Committee at City Hall, July 1937.Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Matthew Chasney
LeBron James banner being removed from the Sherwin Williams building July 3, 2018
An early predecessor of the Main Ave. (Harold H. Burton Memorial) Bridge was this 200-foot hand-operated swing bridge, completed in 1869. WRHS.
Bird's-eye view of the 1903 Group Plan by Daniel Burnham. WRHS.
Members of the Mayor's Advisory War Committee meet at a large table in City Hall, ca. 1917. WRHS.
A large crowd sits at tables to hear Carl B. Stokes and Seth Taft debate at the City Club of Cleveland during the 1967 mayoral campaign. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives/Photo by Bill Nehez.
Young girls sit at tables and desks during a class at Miss Mittleberger's School, 1020 Prospect St., ca. 1900. WRHS
The Moses Cleaveland Statue on Public Square, ca. 1929. WRHS.
WPA artist Leroy Flint touches up a mural in the recreation room at CMHA's Woodhill Homes, ca. 1938. Special Collections, CWRU Library.
Morris Black, 1932. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Cleveland's First Masonic Temple as it appeared in the 1880s. WRHS.
Multiple aircraft fly in formation at the National Air Races held in Cleveland, July 1935. WRHS.
Fred Crawford (right) presents the Thompson Trophy to aviator Roscoe Turner at the Cleveland National Air Races. WRHS.
A Nike Missile stands at the ready at its Cleveland lakefront launching site, ca. 1958. WRHS, photo by Howard L. Newmarker.
Postcard (1 of 5) sent to Elliot Ness in 1954 by an asylum inmate believed by some to be the Torso Murderer.
Postcard (2 of 5) sent to Eliot Ness in 1954 by an asylum inmate who some people believe may have been the torso murderer.
Postcard (4 of 5) sent to Eliot Ness in 1954 by an asylum inmate believed by some to have been the Torso Murderer. WRHS.
Postcard (5 of 5) sent to Eliot Ness in 1954 by an asylum inmate believed by some to have been the torso murderer.
Newton D. Baker, 1929. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Rows of produce and other goods fill the inside the Northern Ohio Food Terminal in 1929. WRHS.
A broadside calling for public celebration of the return of the Oberlin-Wellington Rescuers, July, 1859. Oberlin College Archives.
A group of four people stand on State Boat No. 1 as it is pulled by two horses just south of Stone Rd., on the Ohio-Erie Canal, 1902. WRHS, Courtesy of Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area.
Collections fill the Olney Art Gallery in the Tremont neighborhood, ca. 1890s. The Olney collection was later transferred to the Dudley Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College. WRHS.
A horse-drawn Orlando Baking Co. delivery carriage, ca. 1909. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Ora Coltman. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Two young girls watch boaters on the Wade Park lagoon in 1888. WRHS.
Map of the Cleveland Metroparks System.
This 1932 Peerless, with a complete aluminum body and engine, was one of only 3 built by the Peerless Motor Car Co. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, WRHS.
The Perry Monument stands at the center of the intersection of Ontario and Superior in this 1870s photograph. WRHS.
The nine-story, newly completed Phyllis Wheatly Home at 4450 Cedar Ave., ca. 1927. WRHS.
Map of Native American Trails, Mounds, and Fortifications in Cuyahoga County.
Pres. Jimmy Carter and Republican candidate Ronald Reagan shake hands at the conclusion of the Presidential Debate in Cleveland, 28 Oct. 1980. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Edward Kuekes' 1953 Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoon 'Aftermath' depicts two soldiers carrying a young soldier on a stretcher. One asks “Wonder if he voted?” The other replies “No…He wasn’t old enough.” Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
A crowd listens to an official speaking from a balcony at the dedication ceremonies for Outhwaite Homes, Aug. 1937. WRHS.
This newspaper drawing documents a group of strikers breaking down a door during the Cleveland Rolling Mill Strikes Strike of 1885, tested fledgling public safety forces. From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. WRHS.
Mayor Harold Burton (left) and Safety Director Eliot Ness pose on the Mall with the Police Department's new fleet of police cars, 10 Aug. 1938. WRHS.
The Soldiers and Sailor’s monument as seen from the northeast quadrant of Public Square, ca. 1895. WRHS.
The exterior of the Orange Avenue Cleveland Public Bath House as it appeared early in the Twentieth Century. WRHS.
Vintage Aerial View #1 of Cleveland
Phillip Smead Bird. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
The exterior of the Perry Payne Building on Superior avenue as it appeared in the 1880s. WRHS.
Equipment fills the transmission room of WHK Radio, ca. 1930. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Ahaz Merchant's map of 1835 shows Cleveland just prior to its incorporation as a city.
Glowing molten steel pours from an open hearth furnace at Republic Steel's Corrigan-McKinney Works, ca. 1940s. WRHS.
Spectators crowd around the Alf Landon Bandwagon in front of Public Hall at the 1936 GOP Convention. CPL.
The faces of Otto Moser's Bar on East 4th St., a favorite of the theater-going crowd, as it looked in the mid-1960s. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Runners crowd the Euclid Ave. starting line of the 1991 Revco Cleveland Marathon and 10K. Courtesy of Edward Howard and Co.; Stephen Crompton Photography.
A poster announcing the “first” rock concert, the Moondog Coronation Ball at the Cleveland Arena, March 1952. WRHS.
The new addition to the city greenhouse in Rockefeller Park stands at the end of a large grass field, 1964. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Pedestrians walk beneath the marquee of The Roxy Burlesque Theater on Short Vincent, 1956. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
This large wooden hall was specially built and decorated for the German Saengerfest in Cleveland in 1874. WRHS.
This exterior view shows St. Agnes Catholic Church at Euclid and E. 81st. during the 1940s. All but the bell tower was demolished in 1975. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archive.
St. Joseph's Church, ca. 1973. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Special Collections.
A detailed drawing of St. Mary's on the Flats, the first Catholic church in the city, 1838. WRHS.
The Great Lakes steamer, the S.S. Seeandbee docked in Buffalo, ca. 1930. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU.
Children in ethnic costume fill the Hiram House float in the 1919 Community Fund Parade. WRHS.
Severance Hall, home to the Cleveland Orchestra and the Musical Arts Association as seen from the corner of Euclid and East Boulevard in an undated photograph. WRHS.
Dr. Sam Sheppard and Defense Counsel Fred Garmone outside the court chambers, 26 Oct. 1954. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
A policeman patrols the bars and nightclubs along Short Vincent street, 1964. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Players vie for control of the ball during a soccer match at Luna Park in 1938. WRHS.
Map of the City of Cleveland Statistical Planning Areas in 1995.
Women members of the Soldiers' Aid Society of the U.S. Sanitary Commission stand in front of the Society’s offices on Bank (West 6th Street) in 1865. WRHS.
Soldiers and Sailors Monument on a nearly empty Public Square in the 1890s. WRHS.
Archibald Willard’s famous painting, THE SPIRIT OF '76. WRHS.
An advertisement for Stadium Opera Week held at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, July 1931. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
This large, lavishly decorated indoor Christmas tree at the Sterling-Lindner company, as seen in this ca. 1967 photograph, was a regional holiday highlight. ca. 1967. CPL.
Crowds converge and stop traffic during the streetcar strike of 1899. WRHS.
Cleveland Mayor Tom L. Johnson inspects a city street repair crew and its work, ca. 1907. WRHS.
Map of Civil Subdivisions of Cuyahoga County, 1843.
Map of Civil Subdivisions of Cuyahoga County, 1903.
Map of Civil Subdivisions of Cuyahoga County, 1928.
Map of Civil Subdivisions of Cuyahoga County, 1995.
Map showing the proportional distribution of the population of Cuyahoga County, 1910.
Map showing the proportional distribution of the population of Cuyahoga County, 1930.
Map showing the proportional distribution of the population of Cuyahoga County, 1980.
Map showing the proportional distribution of the population, 1990.
This drawing of the Superior Ave. Viaduct from the 1880s shows the full extent of the structure with traffic moving both east and west. WRHS.
A horse-drawn streetcar stands on the eastern end of the Superior Avenue Viaduct in the 1890s. WRHS.
A large crowd and flags and banners fill this image of the cornerstone ceremony for the Slovenian National Home on St. Clair Avenue., ca 1924. WRHS.
Dave Hall
Modern wing of the St. Martin DePorres High School. It is attached to the 1909 building that was formerly the Kausek Department Store.
County Coroner Samuel Gerber and Cleveland Police detectives search among the rocks of the lakefront for remains of victims of the Torso Murderer, 1938. CPL.
The ironwork for the Terminal Tower is complete and stone façade reaches nearly two-thirds of the way to the top in this construction image taken in Aug. 1927. Courtesy of Tower City Archives.
A large crowd watches an indoor balloon release at the grand opening of 'The Avenue' at Tower City Center, March 1990. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
A fork lift is tested for load capacity outside the Towmoter Corp. plant in Aug. 1942. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Map of ground transportation routes in Cuyahoga County, 1860.
Map of ground transportation routes in Cuyahoga County, 1910.
Map of ground transportation routes in Cuyahoga County, 1995.
Members of Troop A patrol the Mexican Border on horseback, ca. 1916. WRHS.
This postcard shows the initial “tower-less” design for the New Union Terminal, ca. 1919. WRHS.
This image, taken from above the railroad tracks shows the Union Depot, Cleveland's second railroad terminal, on the lakefront, ca. 1866. WRHS.
Mason A. Hargrave, Pres. of the Marcus Garvey Foundation, places the African national flag in the City Hall Rotunda to commemorate the Universal Negro Improvement Association, 10 Feb. 1984. CPL.
Map of City of Cleveland Electric Railways, 1900.
Trees and lawns surround the U.S. Marine Hospital at the northwest corner of Lakeside and E. 9th St. in this 1915 image. WRHS.
The ironwork for the main span of the Detroit-Superior (Veterans' Memorial) High-Level Bridge in this image taken on 1 Nov. 1915. WRHS.
Student demonstrators block Euclid Ave at Adelbert Road on the campus of CWRU in protest U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia on May 4, 1970. CWRU Archives.
Women and children and family walk along the promenade on top of the Kentucky Street Reservoir, ca. 1872. WRHS.
These circa 1929 elevation drawings depict one of the four Guardians of Transportation pylons designed by Walker and Weeks for the Lorain-Carnegie (Hope Memorial) Bridge. WRHS.
Workers populate the shop floor in this interior view of the Turret Lathe Assembly Department at Warner & Swasey Co., ca. 1912. Cleveland Press Collection, CSU Archives.
Map of Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities in Cuyahoga County.
Garrett Morgan rescues a victim of the Waterworks Tunnel Disaster, July 1916. WRHS.
Horse drawn wagons and automobiles can be seen in this image of the Weideman Building, on W. 9th St. near Lakeside Ave., ca. 1920. (CPL).
A crowd of well-dressed men and women walk along boardwalk in this postcard illustration the White City Amusement Park, ca. 1900s. WRHS.
Workers assemble half-trac combat vehicles at the White Motor Co. Plant, 1941. CPL.
Horse-drawn wagons and pedestrians fill the streets in this image of the Williamson Building on Public Square, ca. 1910. Courtesy of the Plain Dealer.
Members of the Wings Over Jordan Choir, wear military-style uniforms and stand in the “V for Victory” formation in this early 1940s image. WRHS.
Members of the Wings Over Jordan Choir, wear military-style uniforms and stand in the “V for Victory” formation in this early 1940s image. WRHS.
A brand new 1899 Winton automobile stands on a muddy road outside the Winton factory. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, WRHS.
This poster promotes the Workers Olympiad, which was held in Cleveland in 1936 as a protest of the Olympic Games held in Nazi Germany and the capitalist control of sports in the United States. WRHS.
Crowds surround an allied tank on exhibit during a World War I Liberty Loan drive on Public Square, July 1918. WRHS.
The War Services Center occupies a temporary structure on the northwest quadrant of Public Square while pedestrians and pigeons populate the surrounding area circa 1943. CPL.
Cleveland area veterans commemorate the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt with a memorial service on Public Square, 14 Apr. 1945. WRHS.
Walter Baker. Ethel Standiford Collection, WRHS
Members of the Slovenian Zarja Singing Society perform the opera Il Trovatore, in November 1934. WRHS.