ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S VISIT TO CLEVELAND took place 15-16 Feb. 1861 on the president-elect's way to Washington, DC. Invited to stop in Cleveland by former mayor GEO. B. SENTER, Lincoln arrived at the Euclid St. Station at 4 P.M. on the 15th. A large crowd and a local military escort made up of the Light Dragoons, the CLEVELAND LIGHT ARTILLERY, and the CLEVELAND GRAYS accompanied the president-elect and his son, Robt. Todd Lincoln, in an open carriage down Euclid to the PUBLIC SQUARE, and then to the WEDDELL HOUSE. Lincoln addressed the crowd from the hotel balcony, urging all citizens to support the Constitution and the Federal Union, and later attended a reception held that evening. The next day, the Cleveland Grays escorted the Lincoln party to UNION DEPOT, where they departed for Buffalo.

The room where Lincoln stayed at the Weddell House was preserved for many years as a memorial to commemorate his visit.

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