ACTRON MANUFACTURING CO., largest producer of automotive test equipment in the nation, was incorporated 13 March 1964 by John W. Moran to make tachometers, voltmeters, and transistor ignitions for automobiles. As automotive applications grew more sophisticated, the plant, now located at 15825 Industrial Parkway, manufactured and marketed an entire line of high performance test instruments and diagnostic equipment for professional mechanics and performance-oriented consumers in the U.S. and Canada.

When Tom F. Slater became president of the company in the early 1980s, the company entered the aftermarket business to sell motor vehicle supplies and new parts, acquiring Pentron Products' automotive accessories group in 1989-90. The firm also expanded into the design and manufacture of sound reproducing equipment, receiving substantial government contracts in 1990-91 to make miniature voice projection units for gas masks so that U.S. troops could communicate with each other under fire. Today, Actron continues to produce automotive test equipment and instrumentation for commercial and government customers, including Sears, NAPA and the Department of Defense. Recent introductions include the company's Sunpro line of test equipment and instrumentation for computer-controlled late model and conventional vehicles; and a professional division called Kal Equip that develops equipment for professional mechanics.

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