ADOMEIT, GEORGE GUSTAV (15 Jan. 1879-22 Nov. 1967), was a prominent Cleveland businessman, artist, founder of the CLEVELAND SOCIETY OF ARTISTS. Adomeit was born in Memel, Germany, the son of George and Anna (Glozat) Adomeit. His family moved to Cleveland when he was 3. In 1887, when his parents bought a forested home in Woodland Hills, Adomeit became interested in drawing. In 1894 Adomeit won a competition for a 4-year scholarship to the Cleveland School of Art, where he attended Saturday classes until he graduated from high school. While at the Cleveland School of Art, Adomeit secured an apprenticeship in lithography, afterwards becoming head of the school's photoengraving shop.

In 1902 Adomeit and W. H. Webster bought the Mason Engraving Co., renaming it the Caxton Engraving Co. and growing in one year from 5 to 25 employees. Incorporating as Caxton Co., Printers & Engravers in 1905, by the 1920s they were one of the 5 outstanding printing concerns in the country. In 1925 Adomeit became an honorary member of the Society of Calligraphers based on his accomplishments in the graphic arts. Adomeit was president and art director of the Caxton Co. from 1937 until his retirement in 1956.

Adomeit was a founder of the Cleveland Society of Artists. His paintings and drawings were exhibited at 40 consecutive MAY SHOWS, winning 24 awards; and in major art galleries, including the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART. In 1932 his painting "Hills of Ohio" was one of 46 gathered from various regions of the U.S. to showcase contemporary American painting.

Adomeit and his wife, Ida Von Den Steinen, are buried at LAKE VIEW CEMETERY. They are survived by a daughter, Ruth.

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