ARMINGTON, RAYMOND Q. (12 Jan. 1907-19 Apr. 1993) was an engineer and executive with the Euclid Road Machinery Co., a founder and chairman of the Webb-Triax Co. and headed numerous business, educational and civic organizations.

Born in Wickliffe to George and Clara (Pritchard), Armington earned a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Ohio State University (1928) and a law degree from Pepperdine University (1932).

Armington worked from 1928-1930 for two Akron rubber companies before joining his brothers in 1931 at the Armington Engineering Co., an outgrowth of a crane and hoist manufacturing firm founded by their father in 1899. In 1931 Armington Co. was absorbed by Euclid Road Machinery and Armington served as vice president and general manager, 1937-1951 and president, 195l-1953. After General Motors Corp. acquired the company in 1953 Armington remained as general manager of the Euclid Division.

Armington left GM in 1960 to establish Triax Co. in Cleveland, serving as president, 1960-1967 and chairman, 1967-1977, when Triax became Webb-Triax. He also was chairman of Willoughby's Ranpak Corp. from 1972 until his death.

Armington was a director of numerous corporations, including Addressograph-Multigraph, Glidden, and White Motor Co. He was a trustee of CWRU, University Circle Inc., Hiram House, Hawken School and Lakeland Community College.

He received the first Free Enterprise Fellow award from the Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C., in 1984.

Armington married Elizabeth Rieley in 1932 (died 1988). They had four children: Charles (deceased), George, Steven, and Linda.. In 1990 he married Elizabeth Steck. Armington was Presbyterian, lived in Willoughby and is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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