BAYERISCHER MAENNERCHOR, sometimes referred to as the Bavarian Men's Choir, is one of several local German singing groups from the 19th century still in existence in 1995. The choir was formed on 20 Oct. 1893 with 70 charter members. During its history it has performed widely, held membership in several local and state singing societies, and functioned as a social club for members, as well as a singing group. Located at the Cleveland Maennerchor Hall, 4515 State Rd., the 26-member group celebrated its centennial by hosting a regional meeting of more than 300 German singers in PARMA in 1993. The choir performs with the North American Singers Assn. and with other singing clubs across the country. In 1995 Clevelander Rudy Seidel headed the choir and also served as the president of a national organization of maennerchors which comprised 107 choirs with over 3,000 active members. Richard Rueting was music director.

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