BEACON HAUSHEER MARINE CO. is a Great Lakes ship chandler whose history dates back to the time when cargo ships on the Great Lakes were sailing schooners and sidewheelers. In 1854 the company, originally owned by Geo. Hausheer, first opened for business as a meat market. Louis Hausheer became actively involved in the business in 1881, and the company then became known as Hausheer & Son. Located at 1220 Old River Rd. on the banks of the CUYAHOGA RIVER, the firm gradually expanded to providing galley supplies to cargo vessels. Later it increased its service by offering all ships supplies, including rope, paint, and oil. The Beacon Marine Supply Co., another ship chandler, was originally based in Fairport Harbor, OH. The owner, Earl Delay, brought the company to 1198 Old River Rd., Cleveland, in the 1950s. Delay subsequently sold his company to the Ryan family and Gordon McCarty, a former manager of Hausheer's. In 1961 Beacon Marine Supply and Hausheer & Son merged to form Beacon Hausheer Marine Supply. It was owned by COOK UNITED, INC., for a short time and in 1971 was bought back by Dick Ryan, the president of the company. In 1987 the Beacon Hausheer Marine Co. terminated its launch service for cargo ships and moved from its location in Cleveland's FLATS district to LAKEWOOD.

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