The BELLFLOWER CENTER FOR PREVENTION OF CHILD ABUSE, INC. opened in 1981 at 11234 Bellflower Rd. in UNIV. CIRCLE to support and educate parents in and about childrearing. The JUNIOR LEAGUE OF CLEVELAND, INC. and the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN, CLEVELAND SECTION, supported the center's founding. The Bellflower Center has sponsored group and individual programs such as Parents Anonymous (for parents who abuse or fear they will abuse their CHILDREN), Young Mothers' Parents Anonymous, Grown Up Abused Children (for adults abused as children), Nurturing (to strengthen family relationships), and RAISE (Resolve Abuse, Instill Self-Esteem, professionally guided treatment groups for male abusers and/or wife batterers). The center's 24-hour telephone hotline helps parents who feel out of control. Bellflower also educates the community about preventing and recognizing abusive behavior, with, among other events, Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. Heavily staffed by volunteers, both lay people and professionals, the center offers its services at locations across the city.

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