BENEDICT, DANIEL (20 Mar. 1776-16 Nov. 1840) was a pioneer settler and the first permanent resident of BEDFORD. At the time the Township was organized in 1823, it was Benedict who proposed the name Bedford in honor of his home town.

Born in Bedford, Connecticut, Benedict first moved to Vermont before settling in the wooded wilderness of the Bedford area in 1821. Here he built a sawmill at TINKER'S CREEK, a tributary of the CUYAHOGA RIVER, providing power for early industries.

Benedict was active in the Township's government during its early years. On April 7, 1823 he was elected to the first Board of Trustees for Bedford Township, serving until 1825. He was also appointed as judge.

Daniel and Catharine Benedict had nine sons, Julius, Darius, Ralph, Sillock, Judson, James, Rodolphus, Phinamber and Allison. Benedict belonged to the Bedford Methodist Episcopal Church, having been among the first church members when it was formed in 1833. Benedict is buried in Bedford Cemetery.

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