BINGHAM, FLAVEL W. (15 May 1803-1867) was a lawyer and politician who served 1 year as mayor of Cleveland. He was born in New York to Flavel and Fanny White Bingham and came to Cleveland in 1837, where he set up the law practice of Collins & Bingham. He was elected councilman and chosen city council president in 1845. In 1847 and 1848, he was elected as an alderman and again served as city council president. In 1849, he became mayor. Bingham was elected the city's first probate judge, serving from 1852-55. When his term expired, he returned to private law practice, forming the partnership Bingham & Hovey. He served as president of the Society for Savings bank and was well connected with local business interests. He left Cleveland for New Orleans in 1863, where he died. He and his wife, Emmeline, had 3 children, Frances, Charles, and Edward.

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