BOLTON, CHARLES CHESTER (23 March 1855 - 31 July 1930) was a distinguished Cleveland businessman, civic leader, philanthropist and member of a prominent Cleveland pioneer family. He was a partner in M.A. HANNA CO., and was an charter member of Troop A.

Born in Cleveland to Judge Thomas and Emeline (Russell), Bolton attended Miss Guilford's Cleveland Academy, Cleveland High School and Philips Exeter Academy in N.H. He received his B.A. from Harvard College in 1877, then travelled abroad for two years. In 1879 Bolton began working as a clerk for Rhodes & Co. (predecessor to M.A. Hanna & Co.) and remained with the firm after its reorganization under Marcus Hanna in 1885. Bolton rose to partner and retired from the firm and business life in 1904.

In 1889 Bolton became the first treasurer of the Country Club. He was also an organizer and early member of Troop A and moved up the ranks, becoming captain in 1892.

Bolton was a director of the Brown Hoist Machine Co., Bourne-Fuller Co., National Refining Co., Guardian Trust Co., and Society For Savings (also vice president). He was a trustee and vice president of The Associated Charities and active in the Community Fund. In 1903 Bolton received an honorary M.A. degree from Kenyon College.

Bolton married Julia A. Castle (daughter of William B. Castle) on 24 Nov. 1880. They had five sons: Chester Castle (see CHESTER CASTLE BOLTON), Kenyon Castle (see KENYON C. BOLTON), Irving Castle, Newell Castle, and Julian Castle. An Episcopalian, Bolton is buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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