BUTLER, MARGARET MANOR (1 Mar. 1898-2 Oct. 1971) turned her curiosity about the history of her adopted community of LAKEWOOD into a major avocation. A native of Cleveland and graduate of Smith College, she married Clyde H. Butler and moved to Lakewood in the 1920s. Her husband was an aerial photographer, a profession he pursued in the armed forces in both world wars. It was during WORLD WAR II with its gas rationing that Mrs. Butler began exploring the streets of Lakewood on walks with her 2 sons. Investigating the histories of some of the homes she passed, she began a series of stories on local history for the weekly Lakewood Post. These were turned into a book, The Lakewood Story (1949), for which Butler was named Lakewood's outstanding citizen of the year. Three years later she began a campaign to save an 1838 sandstone house on Detroit Ave. from demolition. With the aid of the Lakewood City Council and the Lakewood Historical Society, which she organized that year, she succeeded in having the structure moved to Lakewood Park. It was restored as a museum under the management of the society, of which Butler served as first president. Mrs. Butler turned another newspaper series into a second book, The Romance of Lakewood Streets, which was followed in 1963 by A Pictorial History of the Western Reserve. She also served as president of the Radio-Television Council of Greater Cleveland and organized the Lakewood chapter of the Smith Alumnae Club. Upon her death, a memorial service was held in the Stone House in Lakewood Park.

Finding aid for the Margaret Manor Butler Papers. WRHS.

Finding aid for the Margaret Manor Butler Papers, Series II. WRHS.

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