CASSESA, DOMINIC (27 April 1925-8 March 1993) was a union organizer and an international representative whose career in union politics spanned five decades. As assistant regional director of UAW Region 2, Cassesa successfully organized more than 15 new plants, bringing thousands of members into Region 2.

Born in Cleveland to Victor and Lena (Gentile) Cassesa, Dominic grew up in the LITTLE ITALY neighborhood and attended Murray Hill Elementary, Fairmount Jr. High and East High Schools. He served in Europe during WORLD WAR II with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Cassesa's union career began in 1946 at Eaton Manufacturing Co. (see EATON CORPORATION) as a steward for UAW Local 307, After 17 years as the Union's benefits representative, he became local president, serving from 1961-1967. In 1967 he was appointed to the staff of Region 2 by Regional Director Patrick O'Malley. As Assistant Director of the UAW's Eaton Department, Cassesa led the UAW's Eaton National Bargaining Committee in 1968. He served 16 years on the Region 2 staff before UAW Regional Director Warren Davis appointed him Assistant Regional Director in 1983, a post he held until his retirement in 1986.

Cassesa married Rosa Borgini in 1949 (div. 1959) and had a daughter, Carla. Cassesa married Shirley Bockmann in 1969 (div. 1973), then married Joyce Hoffman. His fourth wife was Mary Catherine from whom he had 4 step-daughters. Cassesa lived in Seven Hills and Ashtabula before retiring to Florida. Cassesa died in Davenport, Fl. and is buried at Greenlawn Memorial Garden.

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