The CENTER FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN, created in 1970, has promoted the well-being of Greater Clevelanders through programs which have emphasized strengthening individuals and families. The voluntary, nonprofit agency has offered family and youth counseling, homemaker services for the ill, and CHILD CARE for children of working or ill mothers. In 1969 the Welfare Federation requested that 5 United Appeal-supported, volunteer agencies—the FAMILY SERVICE ASSN. OF CLEVELAND, Youth Services (originally the WOMEN'S PROTECTIVE ASSN.), the Cleveland Homemakers Service Assn., the CLEVELAND DAY NURSERY AND FREE KINDERGARTEN ASSN., and the TRAVELERS AID SOCIETY—study a possible merger. The agencies combined into the Center for Human Services to centralize administrative responsibilities, provide more efficient service, allow greater flexibility in filling needs, and reduce referrals to other organizations. Funds from UNITED WAY SERVICES, the Cuyahoga County Community Mental Health and Retardation Board, grants from FOUNDATIONS, endowment, and individual contributions have supported the center, which has charged some fees on a sliding scale.

The Cleveland Homemakers Service Assn. was established in 1967 as a Red Feather-supported private agency located in the Cuyahoga Savings Bldg. on E. 9th St. The agency trained and employed women as homemakers for families needing such services. The Travelers' Aid Society left the center in 1985 to join the Emergency Services of the AMERICAN RED CROSS, CLEVELAND CHAPTER.

The Center for Human Services' counseling, consultation, information, and referral have covered all stages of the life cycle. In 1993, with headquarters at 1240 Huron Rd., the center maintained 8 day care centers, 7 counseling offices (including one for Hispanics and RapArt for teenagers), and 3 outpatient mental health offices. Family preservation services included the AIDS Initiative Project and the Euclid Senior Program.

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