The CENTER FOR PASTORAL LEADERSHIP of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland was established in 1991. Situated on Euclid Ave. in Wickliffe, OH, the center is home to 4 of the diocese's ministerial formation programs. The center is located on property that once was the country estate of Cleveland steel magnate, Price McKinney. The property later became the home for Marycrest School, and then in 1953 the diocese took over the site for its minor seminary, Borromeo. At the time, Borromeo Seminary had both a high school and a college division. The high school program was phased out in 1976. At the same time, the diocese was operating its major seminary and school of theology, St. Mary's Seminary, on Ansel Rd. in Cleveland. Each seminary continued at its separate location until 1991, when declining enrollment made consolidation of the facilities prudent. St. Mary's and Borromeo then became divisions of the Center for Pastoral Leadership at the Wickliffe site.

A third component at the center is the formation program for the permanent deaconate. This 3-year program of study prepares men, either single or married, who wish to serve the Church as ordained deacons. Permanent deacons serve in a variety of roles. They may preside at certain liturgical services, preach, teach, or act as church administrators. They do not say mass or hear confessions. The center's fourth program trains lay men and women for certification as pastoral ministers. The role of the lay pastoral minister typically revolves around catechetical and counseling services. In 1994 there were 200 persons involved in the center's educational programs.

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