The CLEVELAND COMPOSERS' GUILD, one of the oldest continuously operating composers' groups in the U.S., evolved from the activities of the Manuscript Section of the FORTNIGHTLY MUSICAL CLUB. The club had been recognizing the importance of the work of Cleveland composers as early as 1912, when compositions by JAS. H. ROGERS, WILSON G. SMITH, JOHANN BECK, and CHAS. V. RYCHLIK were performed. Later other composers, such as ARTHUR SHEPHERD, HERBERT ELWELL, F. KARL GROSSMAN, PATTY STAIR, and Harriet Ware were included on club programs. This interest led to the creation of the Manuscript Section in 1928, which became the Composers' Guild in 1957, with Jane Corner Young as chairman. Consisting of professional composers resident in northeastern Ohio whose works have been performed locally, nationally, and internationally, the guild presents concerts, produces recordings, and does educational programming throughout the musical season. Among those whose works appear on recordings are MARCEL DICK, Donald Erb, Klaus G. Roy, HOWARD WHITTAKER, and J. D. BAIN MURRAY. The recordings have been made with Composers' Recordings, Inc., sponsored by the KULAS FOUNDATION, Century Advent, and Crystal of Los Angeles, CA. Publication projects with Galaxy, Ludwig Music Co., have been undertaken, as well as special concerts in New York City, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and elsewhere. Among the noted artists who have performed in guild projects are Robt. Shaw, Marie Kraft, ARTHUR LOESSER, Seth McCoy, the OHIO CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, and the Robt. Page Singers (see CLEVELAND SINGERS). The guild has been supported for many years by the Bascom Little Fund in its many projects.

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