The CLEVELAND MAENNERCHOR, was formed by the consolidation of the Heights Male Chorus (Heights Maennerchor) and the Schwaebischer Saengerbund in 1967. The Heights Male Chorus was one of the most long-lived German singing societies founded in Cleveland. It was formed in 1873, a full 25 years after the first society, the FROHSINN SINGING SOCIETY. The purpose was not necessarily to compete with other singing guilds but rather to add to the amount of Germanic song in the area. Originally under the leadership of Reinhold Henninges, the Maennerchor performed at various functions, including the 1874, 1893, and 1927 SAENGERFESTS in Cleveland, as well as various "German Days." Although in 1904 the group became part of the UNITED GERMAN SINGERS of Cleveland, with a total membership of 415, it still maintained and sang under its old name. German Day celebrations continued to be popular, and in 1933 the Maennerchor performed before 20,000 people attending a German Day festival at EDGEWATER PARK. Membership in the group was stable and long-term; 31 of its 1935 members (with Fritz Wesiphal, president) had been with it for 25 years. The Maennerchor held meetings every Wednesday night at the home of the society on W. 10th St. and Starkweather Ave. Its headquarters moved in 1950 to 4311 W. 35th St. The Maennerchor gave concerts and was well received at the 81st German Day celebration in 1971.

Later, the headquarters was again relocated, this time to Old Brooklyn. As of 2021, the Maennerchoris is still in operation, with both a men's and women's choir.

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