The CLIFTON CLUB, 17884 Lake Rd., LAKEWOOD, a private social and recreational club, was originally organized by and for residents of suburban CLIFTON PARK who desired a clubhouse for their gatherings along the lakefront. Incorporating on 28 May 1902, they leased (and purchased, in 1916) property from the Clifton Park Land & Improvement Co. and financed the construction of a 3-story clubhouse of wood and stucco at 17884 Lake Rd., on the brow of the hill overlooking the mouth of the Rocky River. The formal opening was held on 22 Aug. 1903, and families from Lakewood, ROCKY RIVER, and BAY VILLAGE joined the club. Although the Clifton Club was completely destroyed by fire on 11 Jan. 1942, the membership agreed to keep the organization intact. Wartime building restrictions delayed reconstruction, but in 1948 ground was broken for a new building and the club was reopened on 3 June 1950. Through the years the club has continued to fulfill its purpose by "providing a setting for entertainment, recreation and enjoyment" for its members and guests, including wedding receptions, dances, parties, and family gatherings.

The Clifton Club, 1903-1978 (75th Anniversary Booklet).

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