The CLUB ALMA YAUCANA was founded in June of 1961 is considered the first and oldest Puerto Rican social club in the city. Named for the city of Yauco, Puerto Rico, the club is located in the CLARK FULTON NEIGHBORHOOD.  The club was founded to provide a haven for newly arrived migrants from Puerto Rico from and around the area of Yauco. Many of the first Puerto Ricans to first arrive in Cleveland settled on the east side in the HOUGH or St. Clair neighborhoods, but beginning in the 1960s, many Puerto Ricans began moving to, or initially settling on the West side. Since it was founded, Club Alma Yaucana’s motto has been “To promote unity and fraternity, to contribute to the enhancement of society, and to provide assistance to its members.” The club has offered many services to the community, including food and entertainment. The Club celebrates an annual Coffee Festival, considered to be one of Cleveland best neighborhood festivals.  As of 2020 the Club, located at 2674 West 25th Street held weekend social hours and was available for rental for private parties or social group meetings.

Vinod Sardesai

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