The CONFERENCE FOR PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL ACTION (CPPA) was held at Cleveland's Public Hall 4-5 July 1924 and endorsed the candidacy of Sen. Robt. M. LaFollette for president. The 800 conference delegates, largely made up of farmers and trade unionists, felt the senator represented their interests better than Republican and Democratic parties, who, in their view, had failed in their obligations to the American people. As an independent, LaFollette advocated public ownership of RAILROADS; abolition of injunctions used in labor disputes; a constitutional amendment to prohibit child labor; and a government marketing corporation. When the CPPA informed LaFollette of their endorsement, the senator sent word through his son that he intended to run as an independent presidential candidate rather than on a third-party ticket for fear of alienating "independent" congressmen who had been elected on party tickets.

LaFollette also gained support in 1924 from the remnants of the socialist party who were meeting in Cleveland at the same time, as well as the Farmer-Labor party and the NAACP.

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