DAY, WILLIAM L. (13 Aug. 1876-15 July 1936), lawyer, U.S. district attorney, and federal judge, was born in Canton to William R. and Mary E. (Schaeffer) Day. He attended Williston Academy in E. Hampton, Mass.,and received his LL.B. degree from the University of Michigan in 1900. He was then admitted to the Ohio bar and practiced law in the firm of Lynch, Day & Day in Canton. In 1908 Day moved to Cleveland, having been appointed the U.S. district attorney for northern Ohio by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt. He served in that office until 1911, when he was appointed U.S. district court judge. Day resigned the bench in 1914 because the low salary did not allow him to adequately support his family. Day joined the firm of SQUIRE, SANDERS & DEMPSEY, remaining until 1919, when he left to join the firm of Day, Day & Wilkin. From 1925 until his death, Day practiced with his brother Luther in the firm of Day & Day. In 1919, Day & Wilkin were appointed special assistants to the Ohio attorney general to investigate CRIME in Cleveland. Conducting thousands of interviews with people involved in gambling, vice, and other criminal activities, Day & Wilkin were instrumental in uncovering bail-bond scandals and securing an indictment for the murder of a Cleveland police patrolman. Day married Elizabeth E. McKay on 10 Sept. 1902 and had 2 children, Wm. R. and Jean C. He died in Cleveland and was buried in Canton, Ohio.

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