DEHARRACK, CHARLES PERETZ (10 Sept. 1881-24 June 1985) was a pianist, composer, and choral director active in both Cleveland and international music circles. He was born in Brest-Litovsk, Russia. Brought to Cleveland at the age of 4, he attended local elementary schools before returning to Europe for musical training which included piano lessons from Xaver Scharwenka and Theodore Leschetizky. He spent most of the following decade in Europe teaching and giving concerts. He was the court pianist to King Peter I of Serbia and an accompanist for tenors Leo Slezak and Beniamino Gigli. Returning to Cleveland, De Harrack became organist and choir director at the Temple on the Heights (see B'NAI JESHURUN). He was also director of the Nyegosh Serbian Choir and the Yiddish Gesang Verein as well as music critic for the German-language daily, WAECHTER UND ANZEIGER. As pianist he performed locally in such venues as Masonic Hall, PUBLIC AUDITORIUM, and the HIPPODROME THEATER. He composed extensively, winning a composition prize in 1905 at Leipzig and being published there and in Vienna. Among his compositions were an "Allegorical Poem" dedicated to the ORPHEUS MALE CHORUS and a song, "Lights," set to lyrics by Cleveland journalist EDWIN ("TED") ROBINSON. He also wrote religious music for Jewish synagogues. His wife, Cecile, preceded him in death by 4 years.

Charles DeHarrack Papers, WRHS.

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