DEMAIORIBUS, ALESSANDRO LOUIS "SONNY" (25 Apr. 1898-5 May 1968), a member of CLEVELAND CITY COUNCIL for 20 years and long-time leader in Cuyahoga County Republican affairs, was born in Cleveland, son of Domenic and Lucia DeMaioribus. He lived behind the grocery store operated by his father at 1930 Coltman Rd. Nicknamed "Sonny" as a child, he attended Murray Hill School and East High School. He went to work for the CLEVELAND HOME BREWING CO. in 1925 as a bookkeeper, becoming general manager by 1934 and eventually president of the firm until it was liquidated in 1952. Attracted to politics, DeMaioribus was first elected to city council in 1927. At that time, the Republican party was in the majority, and he gained political influence serving as council president from 1934-42. Resigning from council in 1947, he worked at the Cuyahoga County Republican headquarters until 1955, when he became party chairman, succeeding GEO. BENDER. During this time, the Democratic party was in the ascendancy, and the Republicans suffered electoral defeats consistently. By cooperating with the Democrats, however, DeMaioribus was able to obtain some of the available patronage for his party. Unmarried, DeMaioribus was preparing to retire as county chairman when he died suddenly. DeMaioribus was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

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