DOCKSTADTER, NICHOLAS (4 Jan. 1802-9 Nov. 1871), pioneer, merchant, banker, and mayor of Cleveland from 1840-41, was born in Albany, N.Y., to Jacob and Angelica (Hanson) Dockstadter. Educated locally, he came to Cleveland in 1826 with 2 of his brothers, Richard and Butler. Once in Cleveland, Dockstadter embarked on an independent dealership in hats, caps, and furs, which he received in trade with local Indians. He soon became the leading fur trader in the region. In 1834 he became treasurer of the CLEVELAND & NEWBURGH RAILWAY. In 1835, Dockstadter was chosen treasurer of the village of Cleveland. The following year, he was elected alderman of the newly incorporated city, elected again in 1838. During 1837-38, Dockstadter was chosen as a delegate to the county and state Whig conventions. His popularity brought him a victory in the 1840 election for mayor. He served only 1 term, after which he returned to private business.

Dockstadter was married to Harriett Judd (1805-1837). The couple had 5 children: William, Richard, Charles, Julia, and Elisabeth. He died in Cleveland and was buried in WOODLAND CEMETERY.

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