DOVER VINEYARDS, INC., was established cooperatively in 1932 by a group of local winegrowers to produce wine made from the growers' grapes. At its height, Dover Vineyards ranked as one of the largest wineries in the state with a total storage capacity of 180,000 gallons. In addition to its winemaking business, Dover also served as a supplier for equipment and ingredients for making home beer and wine. In 1958 the winery was sold to Zolton Wolovits, and by 1986 the vineyards were gone, with all wines produced and bottled at the winery made from grapes purchased from other Ohio vineyards. This, apparently, was not enough to stave off further decline and Dover Vineyards went bankrupt under a different owner in 1992. In 1995, Art McGlaughlin purchased Dover Vineyards and sold 23 varieties of wine in the retail shop at 24945 Detroit Rd. in WESTLAKE. Dover also continued to distribute its wine throughout Ohio. In 1997, Dover again changed hands. Under the ownership of Jerome Welliver, the Heartland Vineyards winery was established and in 1998, the new venture produced approximately 1,800 gallons annually with 16 different wines. As of 1998, Dover produced nearly 60,000 cases annually and served as one of the largest suppliers of beer and wine-making equipment in the Cleveland-area.

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