DU SHATTAR, JOSEPH an early fur trader who established a trading post on the CUYAHOGA RIVER ca. 1790. According to Charles Whittlesey, the youthful Du Shattar worked for the North-West Fur Company along Lake Erie. About 1790 he married Mary Pornay of Detroit and opened a trading post about 9 miles from the mouth of the Cuyahoga River probably in old Brooklyn on the west bank, across the River from NEWBURGH. While there, his second child was born in 1794. Traders John Baptiste Flemmng and Joseph Burrall also were at the post from time to time. Although Whittlesey noted a quarrel with Indians over a rifle at the river, peaceful trade with the Wyandot, Delaware, Chippewa and Ottawa Indians was possible. The 1790-95 warfare between settlers and Indians over Northwest Territory lands did not disturb the unsettled area along Lake Erie at the Cuyahoga river, whose commercial possibilities were already well-known.

Du Shattar was still alive in 1812, having helped capture JOHN O'MIC who murdered two trappers in Sandusky.

Whittlesey, Charles. Early History of Cleveland, Ohio, Including Papers and Other Matters Relating to the Adjacent Country.

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