DUMOULIN, FRANK (9 July 1870-9 July 1947), Episcopal priest, third dean and rector of TRINITY CATHEDRAL (1907-14), and bishop coadjutor of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Ohio (1914-24), was born in Montreal, Canada, son of John Philip and Frances Mary (Brough) DuMoulin. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Trinity College, University of Toronto (1894), and was ordained a deacon (1894) and priest (1895) of the Church of England. DuMoulin had several positions before coming to Trinity. Plagued with ill health, DuMoulin resigned and spent 1924-25 in Egypt and Asia Minor, resuming his career in 1925 with rectorships in Philadelphia, North Carolina, and New York before retiring in 1943.

DuMoulin was interested in uniting his church with social and welfare needs. He helped organize the Fed. for Charity & Philanthropy and in 1913 was appointed by Mayor NEWTON D. BAKER as a delegate to a conference discussing the rights of cities under the new Ohio constitution. He also worked with the CITY MISSION. While dean, he chaired the social betterment committee of the Pastors' Union and was first president of the Federated Churches of Cleveland. He continued the cathedralization of Trinity, began a vacation Bible school, and established a playground for underprivileged children. DuMoulin chaired the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America committee on motion pictures, which in 1936 submitted a report condemning movies that were morally harmful to young people. DuMoulin married twice. He married Ethel King (d. 1928) in 1901. His second marriage was to Cora Stiles in 1929. DuMoulin had three children: Francois, Rockwell, and Emily. He was buried in Philadelphia, Penn.

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