DUNN, DANIEL A. "DANNY" (17 Sept. 1884-17 Jan. 1968), noted Cleveland boxing trainer, promoter, and manager during the 1920s and 1930s, whose most famous boxer, JOHNNY RISKO, fought and defeated several heavyweight contenders, was born in New York City to Charles and Sarah (Sheady) Dunn. As a newsboy, he learned to fight early in order to protect his business on the city's west side. A 5'2", 120-lb. contender, he fought as an amateur and professional in and around New York City, receiving $2 for his first match in Harlem. In 1910, Dunn came to Cleveland and continued his professional boxing career. He taught boxing and operated health clubs at the CLEVELAND ATHLETIC CLUB and in the Sloan Bldg. In 1923 he opened a gym in an old building at 2861 Detroit Ave. One day Johnny Risko came in to learn boxing, and Dunn became his trainer and manager. Although Risko's first fight paid him only $2, before his career finished, Risko and Dunn earned over $250,000. Several times Risko was only a bout away from a championship fight. Dunn invested in real estate and advised Risko to establish a $100,000 trust fund. When Dunn suggested Risko retire from boxing, the fighter dropped him as his manager in 1935. Dunn never found another Risko, and closed his gymnasium. By 1942 he was working as a laborer in the Cleveland Service Dept. for $.72 per 1/2 an hour. He was married to Gerda Marie Bergland on 28 Oct. 1924. They had no children. Dunn was buried in Lakewood Park Cemetery.

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