EDMONDSON, GEORGE MOUNTAIN (23 Aug. 1866-8 Nov. 1948), a portrait photographer, was born in Norwalk, Ohio, son of George William and Mary Jane (Mountain) Edmondson. He was educated in the public schools, and began at age 16 to study photography with his father, a well-known photographer. After working for his father, he moved to Cleveland in 1887, becoming assistant to veteran photographer JAS. F. RYDER in his Superior St. studio. Edmondson used his knowledge of enlarging on the new bromide paper for Ryder, and in turn, the studio won several prizes. After a year and a half, he joined the studio of Decker & Wilbur (see EDGAR DECKER). Edmondson remained when the firm dissolved partnership in 1891 due to Wilbur's retirement and 6 years later became a partner. In 1903, he succeeded to the business and moved to larger facilities at 510 Euclid Ave. Edmondson concentrated on portrait photography, receiving numerous medals and awards for his endeavors. He kept his studio up to date in equipment and technique, and was in the forefront of color photography in the early 1900s. In 1902, Edmondson became president of the Photography Assoc. of America. He was also president of the Photographers Assoc. of Ohio, and secretary and treasurer in 1910 of the Professional Photographers Society of Ohio. He belonged to the Unitarian church. He married Wilhelmina Neason in 1901 and had 2 children, Geo. Mountain, Jr., and Ivy Jane. Edmondson died in Venice, Florida, and was buried in Sarasota.

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