EINSTEIN, RUTH WEINER (Oct. 1882-20 June 1977), Jewish community leader for over half a century, was born in Cleveland, daughter to Abraham and Belle Aub Weiner. She graduated from the College for Women of Western Reserve University. Einstein joined the board of trustees of the NATL. COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN, CLEVELAND SEC., in 1920, remaining a trustee until her death. In 1920, she was a founder of the NCJW Jewish Big Sisters Assoc. affiliate. In 1922, she suggested training volunteers, which became a major part of the NCJW program. During the Depression, she helped establish educational and vocational classes for the unemployed through NCJW and proposed Council Thrift Shops, which became a major fundraiser. In 1954, Einstein developed the idea for a low-rent, nonsectarian apartment complex for the well elderly. Through her fundraising and lobbying efforts, the Council Gardens project started in 1960 with the units opening in 1963. Einstein chaired the Council Gardens board of directors from 1960-64. Einstein was also a board member of BELLEFAIRE, the JEWISH COMMUNITY FED., the JEWISH FAMILY SERVICE ASSOC., and the MONTEFIORE HOME. In 1964, she received the Chas. Eisenman Service Award for community service from the JCF. She received a special citation for service from United Appeal in 1965, and the Hannah Solomon Award by the national office of the NCJW for service in 1972. Ruth Weiner married Jacob L. Einstein (d. 1919) on 21 Oct. 1903. They had 3 children, Paul Eden, Edith Freedlander and Jane Gross.

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