The EUCLID AVE. ASSN. was organized to promote, protect, and improve Euclid Ave. and adjacent streets from Public Square to the city limits. The association began as a subcommittee of the influential CHAMBER OF COMMERCE—CITY PLAN COMMISSION, a planning organization. The association itself was formed on 7 April 1920; its first president was H. P. McIntosh, Jr.

The Euclid Ave. Assn. had a membership composed of property owners in the dedicated area. The organization's goals also included protecting and improving property values, promoting the concept of zoning, improving parking, encouraging civic improvements and better transportation facilities, and encouraging the enactment of legislation which would improve buildings in the area. In 1934 the Upper Downtown Assn. (formed as Euclid Ave. Fine Shops and Theaters, Inc., in 1931) merged into the Euclid Ave. Assn. In 1965 the Euclid Ave. Assn. was merged with other special downtown interest groups to form the Downtown Cleveland Corp., which was headed by the former Euclid Ave. Assn.'s president, Howard B. Klein.

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