Euclid Chemical Company

EUCLID CHEMICAL COMPANY, or Euco, has been a standard supplier of concrete and masonry construction in North America for over one hundred years. In 1910, Euclid Chemical started as Klein Building Products Company, a subsidiary of RPM International. Klein Building Products began their enterprise as a supplier of waterproofing agents and concrete additives. Founder Jacob Klein sold the company to his business partner Lawrence Korach in 1954. Korach continued to operate Euco until 1984, when it was bought out by RPM International, Inc.

RPM International, Inc. is a publicly traded corporation located in Medina, Ohio. With a value of $3.5 million, this umbrella organization continues to operate Euclid Chemical, and proliferate the “Euco Method,” which is recognized as an industry standard of excellence in the world of concrete and masonry. Under management of RPM, Euclid Chemical Company has expanded into a larger business group which includes Euclid USA, Euclid Canada, Eucomex, Euclid Toxement and CAVE. Euclid Chemical shares joint venture and licensee relationships with partners throughout Latin America, the Asian Pacific, and the Middle East

Euclid Chemical offers products and technologies that include admixtures, fiber, integral color, shotcrete, grouts, repair mortars, bonding agents, adhesives, coatings, curing and sealing compounds, dry shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, repair and other products. Their most well known brands include Euco, Eucon, Plastol, Increte, Tuf-Strand, Fiberstrand, Dural, Vandex, QWIKjoint, and EucoRepair have gained popularity through their verified ISO 9001 certification.

A color photograph of the modern entrance to Euclid Chemical at 19001 Cochran Avenue

Located at 19000 Cochran Ave in Euclid Chemical Company is a member of THE ONE HUNDRED YEAR CLUB OF THE WESTERN RESERVE.Euclid Chemical Company is a member of THE ONE HUNDRED YEAR CLUB OF THE WESTERN RESERVE.