FEIKERT, WILLIAM FREDERICK (8 June 1851-7 Oct. 1896) and ADELAIDE DYBALL (ca. 1860-3 Jan. 1942) were both active in the confectionary and chewing gum business in Cleveland. William Feikert was born in Cleveland, the son of Christian and Sadie (Fuchs) Feikert; attended public schools here and graduated from University school. By that time, both his natural parents were dead, and he went to work for his stepfather Nathan Heisel who was a manufacturing confectioner. In 1871 he set up his own manufacturing and wholesale confectionery firm and also opened several retail stores in the city. His chemical experimentation yielded a new chicle paste used in the manufacture of chewing gum, and this became a major part of his successful operation, headquartered at 11 Woodland Ave.

Feikert married Adelaide DyBall of Cleveland 20 Mar. 1876. Adelaide, the daughter of Edmond and Martha Elizabeth (Curtis) Dyball was orphaned at an early age. She lived with her guardian, P. S. Bosworth, attending Mayflower grammar school, and graduating from Central High School. Of the Feikerts' 4 children only William Eugene reached adulthood. In the early 1890s William Sr.'s poor health led his wife, Adelaide, to take over the business. After his death in 1896, Adelaide disposed of the wholesale and retail businesses, organized the Cuyahoga Chemical Co. to manufacture the chicle paste her husband had invented, and made her son William a partner in the firm. For nearly 20 years she expanded the company's chicle sales throughout the country and gained a reputation as an astute business woman among her peers. Later she built a factory in her garage on E. 84th St. and continued selling the paste. She died at her residence in Cleveland at age 82.

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