FOREST HILL PARK, located west of Lee Rd. and south of Euclid Ave. on Cleveland's east side, was originally part of the estate of JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER (see FOREST HILL). Purchased by Rockefeller in 1873, the high sloping land topped by a plateau was developed as a private country estate including trees, lawns, gravel roads, bridle trails, several lakes, and even a race track and 9-hole golf course. Bridges built from stone from the quarry on the property were constructed over the north and south branches of Dugway Creek. The property was used by the family as a summer estate until 1915; the 4-story residence itself burned to the ground in Dec. 1917. Between 1900-36, Rockefeller donated property in order to widen the bordering streets, Terrace Rd. and Forest Hill Blvd. In 1939 John D. Rockefeller, Jr., transferred the property to CLEVELAND HTS. (one third) and E. CLEVELAND (two thirds), with the stipulation that the land be used and developed for recreational purposes. Opened in 1942, Forest Hill Park occupies what was once the heart of the original estate. Subsequently, the park was improved, with a swimming pool, basketball courts, fields for football and baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and picnic areas.

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