The GAGE GALLERY OF FINE ARTS was a privately owned art gallery established by Geo. E. Gage in 1910. Born in Hudson, NY, Gage had worked in a variety of fields and once owned a small art store in Hudson, where he became acquainted with members of the famous Hudson River School. As a result of a meeting with Maj. Chas. J. Strong of WM. TAYLOR SON & CO. in a New York art store, Gage moved to Cleveland and set up an art department in Wm. Taylor Son & Co. In 1910 Gage opened his own gallery at 2258 Euclid Ave., where he sold and exhibited fine paintings, drawings, etchings, bronzes, and porcelains. Many of the artworks sold through his store to leading citizens were later donated to the CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART. The WOMEN'S ART CLUB OF CLEVELAND was organized in Belle Kaufmann's studio at the Gage Gallery in 1912, and the CLEVELAND SOCIETY OF ARTISTS often held meetings there before they moved into their own clubrooms. In 1935 the gallery moved to 13100 Shaker Square following a robbery at the Euclid Ave. gallery, in which over $10,000 worth of bronzes and paintings were stolen. Gage died on 7 May 1940 at the age of 79, and the galleries closed the following year.

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