GREENE, DANIEL J. "DANNY" (14 Nov. 1929-6 Oct. 1977), king of racketeering, grew up in COLLINWOOD, the son of John and Irene (Fallon) Greene. He dropped out of high school and in 1957 became a stevedore, shortly afterwards being elected president of Local 1317 of the longshoremen's union. In 1964, Greene was indicted for taking kickbacks in return for labor assignments; he was convicted of embezzling $11,000, however the conviction was reversed on appeal because of prejudicial governmental cross-examination. In 1970 Greene pleaded guilty to violating union laws and was fined $10,000, losing his union position. He then began organizing trash haulers.

There were tales of a feud between Greene and Michael Frato, a hauler who pulled out of Greene's guild. Arthur Sneperger, Greene's associate, was killed when a bomb he was carrying toward Frato's car exploded. Police suspected Greene detonated the bomb believing someone was leaking information to Frato. On 26 Nov. 1971, while Greene was jogging, a car pulled alongside and Frato aimed a gun at Greene. Greene pulled out his own gun and fired, killing Frato. He was acquitted on the grounds of self-defense. Greene took control of running rackets and numbers in the absence of racketsman ALEX (SHONDOR) BIRNS, jailed for bribing a PARMA policeman. After Birns's release, Greene continued in the rackets game. Greene escaped unharmed in June 1975 when a bomb destroyed his home and office on Waterloo Rd. He survived a bombing and 2 shooting attempts before he was killed by a car bomb in LYNDHURST on 6 Oct. 1977.

Greene was married twice. His first marriage was to June Tears on 17 Dec. 1953; they were divorced on 29 Feb. 1956. The second marriage was on 27 March 1956 to Nancy Hegler; they divorced in May 1960. He had 5 children: Kelly, Daniel, Michael, Sharon, and Colleen.


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