GROSSMAN, F. KARL (1886-16 May 1969), conductor, teacher, and long-time director of the CLEVELAND PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, was born in Cleveland and began formal violin training at 11. He studied piano theory and composition in this country, and then in Paris and Berlin. Grossman's compositions were performed by various city ensembles, including the FORTNIGHTLY MUSICAL CLUB. In 1914 he began a long association with music programs in area churches, that year establishing a professional quartet at Lakewood Christian Church, and later serving as conductor for the Lakewood Methodist Church Choir. In 1920 he became conductor and musical director of the Cleveland Opera Co., and in 1924 he became conductor of the Hermit Club Orchestra. Grossman later conducted the Madame Butterfly Co., and orchestras at the CLEVELAND MUSIC SCHOOL SETTLEMENT and Western Reserve University. He also, as a violinist, was concertmaster for the Cleveland Municipal Symphony. Grossman in 1929 joined the faculty of Cleveland College as an instructor in chamber music and music history; later he was made head of the music department. His academic career continued at WRU, serving on the faculty from 1942-57, for many years as head of the music department. He received an honorary degree in music from BALDWIN-WALLACE COLLEGE. In 1938, the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra was founded to provide opportunity for instrumental students in Cleveland to acquire professional experience. Grossman directed its debut concert and remained its conductor until the 1960s. Grossman also authored A History of Music in Cleveland (1972). Grossman and his wife, Helen, had two children, Glenn and Charles F. Grossman was cremated.