HART, ALBERT BUSHNELL (1 July 1854-16 June 1943) was a historian and a professor of government and history at Harvard University who was raised in Cleveland. Hart was born in Clarksville, Pa., the son of a doctor, ALBERT GAILORD HART. When the younger Hart was 10, the family moved to Cleveland, where he graduated from WEST HIGH SCHOOL in 1871. He received his B.A. from Harvard in 1880 and proceeded to the University of Freiburg in Baden, Germany, for his Ph.D. Hart returned to the U.S. and was appointed instructor at Harvard in 1883. He became full professor in 1897 and retired as professor emeritus in 1926. Hart was a member of the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention and president of the American Historical Assoc. and the American Political Science Assoc. He wrote and edited more than 80 volumes and contributed to numerous magazines and journals. He was editor of the 28-vol. The American Nation. Hart's own contribution to the series, Slavery and Abolition (1906), was one of his most durable works. He returned to Cleveland in April 1932 as the official historian for the U.S. Washington Bicentennial Commission to speak on Washington at SEVERANCE HALL. Hart was honored at that time with the dedication of Albert Bushnell Hart Jr. High School by the CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Hart was married in 1889 to Mary Hurd Putnam of New Hampshire.

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