HERRICK, RENSSELAER RUSSELL (29 Jan. 1826-30 Jan. 1899), entrepreneur, city council member, and mayor of Cleveland (1879-82), was born in Utica, N.Y. One of 4 children, his father, Sylvester Pierce Herrick, died when he was 2; his mother was MARIA MARCIA SMITH HERRICK, a successful magazine editor. In 1836, Herrick came to Cleveland and worked as a printer's apprentice but also learned carpentry during that apprenticeship. For several years he worked in carpentry, and then became president of the Dover Bay Grape & Wine Co. Herrick began his public life in 1855, when he became a member of CLEVELAND CITY COUNCIL, a post he held for 5 terms. He served on the City Board of Improvements in 1873-76 and 1877. As a Republican, he successfully ran for mayor in 1879, serving until 1882. As mayor, Herrick lowered the city's indebtedness and the levy rates. He also instituted the annual census by the police department. After his term, Herrick returned to private life and became vice-president of Society for Savings. In 1891, however, he returned to public life as director of the city's Public Works for 1 year. In 1846 Herrick married Adelaide Cushman. He later married a widow, Mrs. Laura White Hunt, on 25 Sept. 1888. Neither marriage produced any children. Herrick was buried in LAKE VIEW CEMETERY.

Finding aid for the Rensselaer Russell Herrick Papers. WRHS.

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