HERZEGH, FRANK (11 April 1907-4 Dec. 1989), was the inventor of the first successful tubeless tire and owner of patents for over 100 inventions in the field of tire technology. Frank was born in Cleveland, the son of Zoltan and Mary Dubovan Herzegh and graduated from West Technical High School in 1926. Four years later he received his bachelor's degree in Physics from Case Institute of Applied Science (see CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY). After graduation, he was employed by the B. F. Goodrich Co. in Akron as a research and development engineer. The tubeless tire, which he designed and tested himself in a Texas desert, was a significant innovation in the automotive field. He also held other patents in tire design, tire manufacturing, and testing and evaluation equipment. After 42 years at Goodrich, he retired in 1972 and worked for the company as a consultant. In 1978, he was awarded the Charles Goodyear Medal for outstanding career accomplishment in rubber technology.

Herzegh married Eleanor Pitkin Owen in 1938 and they had 3 children: the Rev. Jean E. of Juneau Alaska, and sons Frank O. of Los Alamos, N.M., and Paul H. of Boulder, Colo. Herzegh, who resided in SHAKER HTS., was cremated.

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