The HILDEBRANDT PROVISION CO., a family-owned meat-processing firm, was begun by German immigrant Charles R. Hildebrandt who, along with his brother-in-law, August Habermann, bought the meat-packing house of Xavier Armbruster at 453 Sterling (E. 30th) St. in 1887. The firm operated as Habermann & Hildebrandt until 1893 when Hildebrandt sold his portion of the business to Habermann and opened his own business at 532 Broadway, where he produced sausage and other meats. By 1897 his brother, Julius, had become a partner and Hildebrandt Brothers moved to 1104 (later 3620) Clark Ave. Incorporated in Sept. 1906, Hildebrandt Provision had grown to employ 65 people with 9 salesmen by 1910. It moved to its final location at 3619 Walton Ave. in 1929.

When the U.S. Congress passed the Wholesome Meat Act in 1967, requiring state enforcement of stricter meat processing standards, Hildebrandt Provision, which had been losing money during the 1960s, was unable to afford the new equipment needed to comply. The 77-year old firm closed its doors in late Jan. 1970, laying off 140 workers.

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